– Apr 18 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A Great Lake ERIE
Allow LET
Any literary category GENRE
Barn’s upper space LOFT
Barnyard egg layer HEN
Beer mug STEIN
Bird’s home of twigs NEST
Bottom-line amount TOTAL
Brand of kids’ bricks LEGO
Bring in, as a harvest REAP
Cable sports channel ESPN
Catch sight of ESPY
Cheerios grain OAT
Clear-sky color BLUE
Come into view EMERGE
Completely destroy RUIN
Courtroom pledges OATHS
Declare to be false DENY
Door knock RAP
Dough filled with little hot dogs PIGSINBLANKETS
Edge of a cup RIM
Extreme anger RAGE
Female horse MARE
Fender imperfection DENT
French __ soup ONION
Go by car or train RIDE
Grow more mature AGE
Have dinner delivered EATIN
Heartbeat PULSE
Heats up water for tea BOILS
High-school dance PROM
India’s continent ASIA
Interoffice message MEMO
Jeopardize RISK
Leapt suddenly SPRANG
Middle letters in ”tennis” ENS
Misplaced LOST
Most Saudis ARABS
Not lit DARK
Not uncommon NORMAL
Odor-sensing organ NOSE
Oozes out SEEPS
Oval __ (President’s workplace) OFFICE
Pastries filled with orchard slices APPLETURNOVERS
Plum or pear FRUIT
Police officer COP
Pond croaker FROG
Prefix meaning ”opposed” ANTI
Pretty good NOTBAD
Prod into action EGGON
Quantity of 12 dozen GROSS
Recedes, as the tide EBBS
Red salad items filled with rice and cheese STUFFEDTOMATOES
Remove a rind from PARE
Robber THIEF
Rowboat implement OAR
Sculpture or painting ART
Service charge FEE
Sight or hearing SENSE
Spill a secret BLAB
Supper for swine SLOP
Talks too much YAKS
Three-legged stand EASEL
Thundery weather STORM
TV industry award EMMY
Two jacks or aces PAIR
Two-band, as car radios AMFM
Uncluttered NEAT
Unshiny snapshot finish MATTE
Urban area, for short METRO
Vapor from a radiator STEAM
Very angry IRATE
Very silly INANE
Wall-climbing plants IVIES
With much illumination BRIGHT
__ code (phone number prefix) AREA
__-cone (icy treat) SNO

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