– Apr 19 2018

Clues Answers
”American Graffiti” car TBIRD
”Mad Money” airer CNBC
’70s music fad DISCO
AL cap insignia SOX
At all times EVER
Bad lads CADS
Barbecue, for example ROAST
Boot camp nickname SARGE
Cat food flavor TUNA
Certain wurst BRAT
City east of Santa Barbara OJAI
Clever nature WIT
Close one CHUM
Commandments qualifier NOT
Computer model, for short SIM
Coveted distinction HONOR
Crop pest BORER
Culminate END
Cuts up finely DICES
Echelon TIER
Emperor after Claudius NERO
Ending like -ling ETTE
Europe’s third-longest river URAL
Fall from grace SIN
Family nickname SIS
Fleet-of-foot forest creature DEER
Floral wreath LEI
Folks in general ONES
Glee club member ALTO
Golden Rule word UNTO
Hardship WOE
House of ice IGLOO
Innocent mischief LARK
Inventor Sikorsky IGOR
Jeans joint SEAM
Lexus competitor ACURA
Limerick land EIRE
Locale with landings STAIR
Clues Answers
Look good on SUIT
Love around the Louvre AMOUR
Mag for entrepreneurs INC
Male lead HERO
Mattress supports SLATS
Measure of financial health NETWORTH
Mexican lizard IGUANA
Mitigate EASE
Morning ender NOON
Nonreactive INERT
Norway’s patron saint OLAV
Not quite shut AJAR
Online crafts site ETSY
Orderly TRIM
Oscar category SCORE
Out of bounds TABOO
Playfully INFUN
Red herring RUSE
Roman hunt goddess DIANA
Scamper DART
Scatter about STREW
Slug in a meter, maybe COUNTERFEITCOIN
Small ”número” UNO
Small plane of a sort DRONE
Smoke conduit FLUE
South American export COLOMBIANCOFFEE
Speak ill of TRASH
Sportscaster specialty COLORCOMMENTARY
Suffix for home STEAD
Supremes’ record label MOTOWN
Texter’s ”It seems to me . . .” IMHO
Tony Blair went there OXFORD
Try to win over WOO
Turban wearer SIKH
Turbine spinner ROTOR
Understood by few ESOTERIC
Viewpoints SLANTS
Way to fry INOIL
Wipes off, perhaps DUSTS

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