– Apr 19 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”Low-power” coffee DECAF
”Smart-mouthed” word related to ”sassy” SAUCY
”To be specific . . .” NAMELY
Arm or leg LIMB
Arrived GOTIN
Assistant to Santa ELF
Become ready to harvest RIPEN
Big Apple baseballer YANKEE
Channel for NBA and NFL games ESPN
Civil rights icon Parks ROSA
Crafty SLY
Davidson’s motorcycle partner HARLEY
Do something wrong ERR
Drink sold at a kids’ stand LEMONADE
Droops SAGS
Dutch Caribbean island ARUBA
Economic forces influencing investment prices SUPPLYANDDEMAND
EMT skill CPR
End-of-day price-change tallies GAINSANDLOSSES
Extend a subscription RENEW
Fights with HASAT
Fish’s breathing organ GILL
Found a purpose for USED
Gambling probabilities ODDS
Gelatin shaper MOLD
Golf course distances YARDS
Grain storage structure SILO
Had a meal ATE
Headquartered (in) BASED
Holder for peas POD
Idolized ADORED
Isn’t truthful LIES
Japan’s continent ASIA
Land surrounded by water ISLE
Lend a hand to AID
Light brown color TAN
Lincoln nickname ABE
Literary twist IRONY
No later than UPTO
Not spicy MILD
Nothing at all NIL
Once around a track LAP
Places for pillows BEDS
Potato chip topping DIP
Prof’s degree, for short PHD
Relinquished, as territory CEDED
Remove soap from RINSE
Rest stops in deserts OASES
Right away, in a memo ASAP
Rosy-cheeked RUDDY
Run off to wed ELOPE
Saying nothing MUM
Shortest-named Great Lake ERIE
Skirt-pressing appliance IRON
Small group of experts PANEL
Soprano’s solo ARIA
Sorrowful SAD
Sound of a dove COO
Stacks, as of laundry PILES
Staff on a ship CREW
Stylish CHIC
Supposed Scottish sea monster’s home LOCHNESS
Surface for skiing SNOW
Takes a look at SEES
The clues that follow this one DOWNS
Totaled up ADDED
Urge on PROD
Very frequently ALOT
Violin container CASE
Wall Street investments STOCKSANDBONDS
Western alliance acronym NATO
Young woman LASS
__ day now (very soon) ANY
__ de Cologne EAU
__-Bits (letter-shaped cereal) ALPHA
__-fire (break in battling) CEASE

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