– Apr 2 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”A lucky man is __ than a white crow”: Juvenal RARER
”Inside” stuff DOPE
”Liberate Your Spirit” spirit STOLI
”Maison de Balzac,” et al MUSEES
”Nutcracker Suite” numbers OCTAD
”Sure do” YEP
”Yesterday,” as first performed TENORSOLO
15-hour flight from LAX SYD
Beverly Hills’ Restaurant Row LACIENEGA
Bonus for boldness STYLEPOINTS
Brings elation to BUOYS subject WINEMENUS
Cannonade, e.g DISCHARGE
Canon debut of ’59 SLR
Canon’s compatriot RICOH
Caribbean audible export SKA
Chart-busting download HOTSELLER
Committed CHOSE
Common attic discovery MILDEW
Contemporary convertible comment SWEETRIDE
Dinghy designation HER
Disembarrass RID
Dove’s desire NOWAR
Effort to equal EMULATION
Expression of uncertainty IMNOTREALLYSURE
Extremity TIP
Family name SIS
Food processor BELLY
Garb in an early ”Sound of Music” lyric WIMPLE
Going on, in brief CONTD
Hardly at all ATAD
High science ALTIMETRY
Household brand spelled with two (not three) dots SOS
Is prolific TEEMS
Its HQ is near the World Bank’s OAS
Kept HAD
Labor leader ELL
Latin for ”is wanting” CARET
Let sit AGED
Literarily low-end TRASHY
M.’s analog MME
Major multiple of LXX DCC
Maker of guitars and golf carts YAMAHA
Next in line HEIR
Noisy no more, maybe OILED
One playing video games all day SPORTSBAR
Org. working for universal coverage WHO
Overspread STREW
Promising statements OATHS
Roar relative MEOW
Short ”Speaking of changing the subject . . .” OTOH
Silky coat wearer ANGORACAT
Single circuit LAP
Ski shop purchase PARKA
Sound of sarcasm HAR
SpongeBob’s pet SNAIL
Step into ENTER
Stops the show CLOSES
Sunflower seed, essentially SPORE
The JCS Chairman is its military advisor NSC
Theo van Gogh’s occupation ARTDEALER
Traffic cops’ employer DEA
Trifle with RIB
Tropical dessert fruits SUGARAPPLES
Unacquainted with candor SLY
URL essential SLASH
What may end a turn STILE
Whom Chaucer called a ”grete poete” DANTE

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