– Apr 20 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”Didn’t I tell you this would happen?” SEE
”My treat!” ONME
”To clarify . . .” IMEANT
”You can believe me!” NOLIE
10 to the 100th power GOOGOL
Amazes AWES
Any online merchant ETAILER
AOL rival MSN
Astrological cat LEO
Astronomer’s observation STAR
Blood bank supply PLASMA
Brewpub product, for short IPA
Camel’s Andean kin LLAMA
Clarinet cousin OBOE
Cleveland’s water ERIE
Clicked image ICON
Concert venue ARENA
Cop’s quarry PERP
Cord of a pulley system ROPE
Demolition letters TNT
Disadvantaged NEEDY
Doesn’t go out of style AGESWELL
Done by two together INTANDEM
Drain cleaner chemical LYE
Earth’s rocky orbiter MOON
Escalator surface STEP
Far back in time YEARSAGO
Fifth president MONROE
Foretell BODE
Gym’s padded surface MAT
Helped out AIDED
Himalayan nation NEPAL
Historic Alabama city SELMA
HS support groups PTAS
Ingredient in some seafood cakes IMITATIONCRAB
Jigsaw puzzle box’s contents PIECES
Large parrots MACAWS
Last word of a prayer AMEN
Low-level sock ANKLET
Mac-and-cheese pasta shape ELBOW
Male pal in Paris AMI
Minor earthquake TREMOR
Mix, as paint STIR
Mom’s sister AUNT
Money posted in court BAIL
North Pole helper ELF
Not as much LESSSO
Not quite right AMISS
Nothing but ONLY
Nylon and polyester SYNTHETICFIBERS
Once more AGAIN
Once __ while (occasionally) INA
Ooh and __ AAH
Palindromic German name OTTO
Performs like 30 Down RAPS
Phoned RANG
Physicians’ org AMA
Potato nugget product TATERTOT
Prophetic signs OMENS
Sandwich bread RYE
Scratch up MAR
Sheet in a novel PAGE
Shower affection (on) DOTE
Showery spring mo APR
Singer Marshall Mathers’ alias EMINEM
Spread for a BLT MAYO
Squeezing snake BOA
Start catching up to GAINON
Storage containers BINS
Two-Oscar actor Mahershala ALI
Voice of Apple devices SIRI
Volcano’s edge RIM
Water in some Florida communities ARTIFICIALLAKES
Whale’s habitat SEA
__ and sound (out of danger) SAFE
__ CAN EAT (buffet restaurant sign) ALLYOU
__ ray (type of fish) MANTA
__ Vegas, NV LAS

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