– Apr 21 2018

Clues Answers
”Don’t try so hard” ACTNATURAL
”Game of Games” name ELLEN
10-12 minute production ONEREELER
All the works in a Bern museum KLEES
Battery side? ONIONRINGS
Bizarre, hard-to-escape situation RABBITHOLE
Black-eyed pea’s Asian cousin ADZUKIBEAN
Butte Boot brand UGGS
C or D, e.g NUMERAL
Central Pacific collection TRAINFARE
Cheapen or water down ADULTERATE
Cross-country option BUS
Defying expectations? LATE
Delivered, as 15 Down SUNG
End of Beethoven’s Eighth CODA
Evinced interest TOOKNOTICE
Family that includes roses BRIAR
Five-nation range HIMALAYAS
Generic of a sort DRUG
Geometric starter DECA
Grand, as some staircases BROAD
Grinchesque expletive DRAT
Guaranteeing SOTHAT
Hindu maxims SUTRA
Ice-into-glass by-product TINKLE
Inborn NATAL
It might move stuff before moving YARDSALE
Latin word for ”seaweed” ALGA
Managed MADEDO
Manual recognition SALUTE
Mediterranean ”party island” IBIZA
Mom in Disney’s ”Hercules” HERA

Clues Answers
Most works in a Catalonian museum DALIS
Narragansett and Chesapeake, to geologists RIAS
Newspaper critic’s area NEWMUSIC
Odd-__ (rhino descriptor) TOED
Often-insincere approval GREAT
Pantene sister brand OLAY
Plants avoided by herbivores CACTI
Play area with rounded corners RINK
Promotion requirement, at times RELO
Reachable with comparable effort ASFAR
Ready to post ADDRESSED
Safety zones ARKS
Savannah’s co-anchor since January 2nd HODA
Simple elegance, in Japanese art SHIBUI
Sleeping spot SACK
Squeaky but remediable UNOILED
Start of seven California county names SAN
Start to affect DIS
Subway line selection TUNASALAD
Supernatural signs OMENS
They’re brushed to keep clean SUITS
They’re paid with gratitude TRIBUTES
Trust facilitator HONESTY
Twainesque expletive DANG
Two-choice, at times YESNO
Typical Spidey foe MADMAN
Victorian-era carriage SHAY
Violative act SIN
Wall fixture TOWELRACK
Was a sub SATIN
West point with no residents ATTU
What IBM first called Sonoran Sans Serif ARIAL
__ face ABOUT

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