Crossword Puzzle Info – Apr 21 2020 – Puzzle Answers

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Clues Answers
”E pluribus __” UNUM
”Understood” ISEE
”__ first you don’t succeed . . .” IFAT
10% donation TITHE
Absorb the loss EATIT
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Added vitamins to ENRICHED
Adolescent TEEN
Apartment resident’s payment RENT
Aroma ODOR
Assemble haphazardly RIGUP
Bakery appliance OVEN
Banister RAIL
Bar bill, informally TAB
Become permanent SETIN
Biblical garden EDEN
Bicker ARGUE
Birthday celebration PARTY
Bowl-shaped roof DOME
Choir member’s garb ROBE
Common foe in James Bond stories ENEMYAGENT
Contest of spelling BEE
Cooking on a barbecue ROASTING
Crimson and scarlet REDS
Double-curve letter ESS
Emcee’s opening speech INTRO
Extremely evil VILE
French female friend AMIE
Full of energy ALIVE
Gatherer of secret information COVERTOPERATIVE
Grade school support grp PTA
Grains in Cheerios OATS
Greatly impresses AWES
Hard work LABOR
Historic British prep school ETON
Immense oceanic ice BERG
Lacking color PALE
Lifesaving procedure, for short CPR
Location SITE
Longtime microwave brand AMANA
Make a left or right TURN
McEntire of country music REBA
Mexican money PESO
Molecule part ATOM
Mom’s dad GRAMPA
Mosquito attack BITE
Not in school today ABSENT
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
One-pot beef dish STEW
Pepsi or Coke COLA
Permission to enter ACCESS
Person bringing your meals SERVER
Person with noble goals IDEALIST
Person working against a 39 Across Counterspy
Pet protection org SPCA
Prefix meaning ”against” ANTI
Promotes aggressively HYPES
Remove soap from RINSE
Shirts and blouses TOPS
Sign fraudulently FORGE
Small earrings STUDS
Smallest two-digit number TEN
Something forbidden TABOO
Sound of cymbals CRASH
Spicy sandwich sausage SALAMI
Statue such as ”The Thinker” NUDE
Strong cravings YENS
Takes care of TENDS
Tiresome person BORE
Urban air pollution SMOG
Volcanic flow LAVA
Walk heavily PLOD
Wall-climbing plants IVIES
Wet weather wear RAINCOAT
Where Wall St. is NYC
Wigwam relative TEPEE
Without much effort EASILY
Yellow Thanksgiving veggie YAM