– Apr 21 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”Chicago Fire” airer NBC
”I’m amazed!” WOW
”Turn up the heat!” BRR
A distant point AFAR
Apple, for Apple LOGO
Arborist’s specimen TREE
At leisure FREE
Authentic REAL
Banister post NEWEL
Bank-collection job REPO
Be adequate SERVE
Beast on Deere doors STAG
Bowling job of yore PINSETTER
Cape Cod catch SEABASS
Citation abbreviation ETAL
Cross words online FLAMEWAR
Crude collective OPEC
DC pro team NATS
Deck officer MATE
Downed with 13 Down HEWN
Dusk job of yore LAMPLIGHTER
Dust-jacket ID ISBN
Exercisers’ accessories GYMBAGS
Find irresistible ADORE
Fire-breathing IRATE
Gather together CORRAL
German Johnny HANS
Gossip column regular MEGASTAR
Have a bawl WEEP
Hot stuff for a short time FADS
Icy, in product names SNO
Investor’s consideration RISK
Jambalaya ingredient PRAWN
Kitchenware brand EKCO
Like-minded group BLOC
Lite, on labels LOFAT
Literally, ”I believe” CREDO
Logical inconsistency HOLE
Ltrs. of stress ITAL
Mansion job of yore CLOCKWINDER
MBA hopeful’s exam GMAT
Meddlesome one YENTA
Mountain goat’s perch CRAG
Nautical prefix ASTRO
News job of yore TOWNCRIER
Not anymore ONCE
Obi-Wan before Ewan ALEC
Overstuffs SATES
Patent’s origin IDEA
Peruvian purrer GATO
Preceding nights EVES
Rainforest flier MACAW
Salespeople REPS
Seafood serving CRABLEGS
Sheet of brownies BATCH
Single portion HELPING
Some power tools SAWS
Spiral shapes COILS
Stock market index, for short SANDP
Stumbling block HITCH
Summertime pest, so to speak SKEETER
Super buy STEAL
Suspicious nature WARINESS
Tahitian wedding wear LEI
Taking after ALA
Target for toning FLAB
This and that, for short MISC
Those on duty STAFF
Try a bit of TASTE
Type of quartz AGATE
Very long period EON
Where to find blackbirds or blueberries INAPIE
Wholesale quantity GROSS
Will Smith biopic role ALI
Wood-eating bug BORER
Woolen fabric SERGE

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