– Apr 22 2018

Clues Answers
”. . . or __ thought” SOI
”Je ne __ quoi” SAIS
”Quite correct” ITISSO
Actress Kemper ELLIE
AMA members DRS
Amount wagered STAKE
Attain success ARRIVE
Author of ”2001 . . .” CLARKE
Autobahn auto AUDI
Autumn bloom ASTER
Barbecue seasoning RUB
Baseball great Gehrig LOU
Before now AGO
Benchley’s follow-up to ”Jaws” THEDEEP
Body of ”eau” LAC
Branch of yoga HATHA
British nobles EARLS
Central X or O TAC
Cereal grain RICE
Certain driller’s designation DDS
Christie’s Belgian POIROT
Coffeehouse selections MOCHAS
Cookware coating TEFLON
Corporate makeover, for short REORG
Corrode EAT
Crowd sound ROAR
Dallas sch SMU
Domesticated insects BEES
Donated 10% TITHED
Duly receive EARN
Eagle’s motto BEPREPARED
Eco-friendly org EPA
EMT’s skill CPR
Facilitate AID
Female rabbit DOE
Fighting forces TROOPS
Filmdom’s Sweeney Todd DEPP
Gets lost SCRAMS
Glimpse SEE
Grandson of Eve ENOS
Great care PAINS
Happy-lark link ASA
Homegrown NATIVE
Homeowner’s voice in ”Up” ASNER
How some tea is served ICED
Informal assent YEP
Joseph’s multicolored garment COAT
Just right in amount ENOUGH
Justice Dept. agency DEA
Knock about TRAIPSE
Letters on tanning lotion SPF
Letters written by debtors IOU
Library assessment LATEFEE
Make a courtesy call PAYYOURRESPECTS
Makes moist WETS
March marchers IRISH
Military missions OPS
Minimal Masters edge ONESTROKE
More merciless CRUELER
Must involve ENTAIL
NASCAR advertiser STP
National resource OILRESERVE
No longer a minor OFAGE
No-frills BASIC
Not very many TWO
Nurtures REARS

Clues Answers
Oak product ACORN
Oasis features SPRINGS
Oklahoma city TULSA
Online money ECASH
Online service of a venerable university OXFORDDIGITALLIBRARY
Oscar role for Cotillard PIAF
Oust, in a way DISBAR
Parisian pals AMIS
Payee, at times BEARER
Person from Belgrade SERB
Phrase associated with ”the meek” INHERITTHEEARTH
Places for houseplants SILLS
Places of refuge ARKS
Plants of a region FLORA
Poetic nightfall EEN
Poker variety STUD
Prophet ORACLE
Pulverized grain MEAL
Realm AREA
Regarding ASTO
Render speechless STUN
Rudolph’s claim to fame REDNOSE
Sales slip: Abbr RCPT
Scandinavian capital OSLO
Scottish accents BURRS
Sealy alternative SERTA
Second-quality: Abbr IRR
Selects, with ”for” OPTS
Selling at any price DUMPING
Shakespearean snake ASP
Shark, perhaps POOLPLAYER
Sharp increases SURGES
Short-duration craze FAD
Similar things SUCH
Sleep stage, for short REM
Sleeve filler ARM
Slow-cooker preparation STEW
Sluggish, for short SLO
Small and prone to pranks ELFISH
Solar dark patch SUNSPOT
Some newspaper inserts ADS
Spherical hammer part PEEN
Stein fillers ALES
Strings of India SITAR
Surround ENWRAP
Teaching assistant, at times GRADER
Tom Cruise ex NICOLE
Tourist city of India AGRA
Tourney exemptions BYES
True partner TRIED
Type of pillow filler FOAM
Type of pillow filler EIDER
Type of ski lift TBAR
Unruly groups MOBS
Unwise course of action BADBET
Upper-echelon employee EXEC
Upper-level storeroom ATTIC
US medical agency NIH
Voted to accept ADOPTED
Way off AFAR
Welles iconic role KANE
Wetlands waders EGRETS
What Hepburn called Tracy SPENCE
Where 22 Across’ office was OTTAWA
Willing participant’s question WHYNOT
Word of regret ALAS
Wrote a limerick, for instance RHYMED
Yearn for CRAVE
Zany comedies FARCES
__-12 Conference PAC
__-cone (icy treat) SNO

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