Crossword Puzzle Info – Apr 22 2020 – Puzzle Solutions

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Clues Answers
”__ Misérables” LES
Ancient OLD
Baby garb DIAPER
Be untruthful LIE
Big bargain STEAL
Birds in a gaggle GEESE
Boxer’s punch JAB
Cash dispenser: Abbr ATM
Catch a glimpse of SPY
Comes to light ARISES
Courageous GUTSY
Dot after a sentence PERIOD
England + Scotland + Wales GREATBRITAIN
Explosive fluid NITRO
Feeling tense EDGY
Fellows MEN
Fictional Pan PETER
Fiesta cheers OLES
First in a series OPENER
First Lady before Michelle LAURA
German car AUDI
Golf great Palmer’s nickname ARNIE
Gore, to Clinton VEEP
Green gemstone JADE
Helen of __ (mythical abductee) TROY
Hereditary bits GENES
Homer Simpson’s neighbor NED
In the style of ALA
Jittery TENSE
Let pass ALLOW
Long part of jeans LEG
Make a trade SWAP
Make certain of ENSURE
Make colorful T-shirts TIEDYE
Makes wagers BETS
Male deer STAG
Marathons and sprints RACES
Medical remedy CURE
Michigan city GRANDRAPIDS
More than OVER
Natural balm ALOE
Neither fish __ fowl NOR
Night-flying birds OWLS
No longer wet DRY
No longer wild TAME
Of city life URBAN
Pace for jogging TROT
Pester constantly NAG
Physician, informally DOC
Pigsty food SLOP
Place for a permanent SALON
Puts into words SAYS
Remove, as ice from a windshield SCRAPE
Right-angle shape ELL
Roddick or Murray of tennis ANDY
Saudi neighbor YEMENI
Scent ODOR
Sci-fi being ALIEN
Scrooge’s shout BAH
Selects, with ”for” OPTS
Shoestring LACE
Show support for BACK
Small valley GLEN
Solar system circler PLANET
Squirrel’s snack ACORN
Start of a toast HERES
Starting point ORIGIN
Subtle difference NUANCE
Take a spouse WED
Tech expert GEEK
Tennis match part SET
Trial talker LAWYER
Urge to act PROD
Votes into office ELECTS
Walk in a brook WADE
Water northwest of Huron LAKESUPERIOR
Weighing machine SCALE
__ up (got gasoline) TANKED