Crossword Puzzle Info – Apr 23 2020 – Puzzle Answers

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Clues Answers
”. . . __ saw Elba” EREI
”Océano” contents AGUA
”Otello” baritone IAGO
”Simpsons” Squishee seller APU
”That serves you right!” HAH
”Who wants ice cream?” ” __!” WEDO
”You bet!” SUREDO
About 3,300 ft KIL
Access, as some purses SNAPOPEN
Ally of Frodo ARAGORN
Any Mount Holyoke grad WOMAN
Any watercraft SHE
At-bat stat RBI
Be situated LIE
Bereft of rain ARID
Chain store offering CREDIT
Commercial card game UNO
Composer Dvorák ANTONIN
Computer category DESKTOPS
Digestive doc’s specialty GASTRO
Dumas hero ATHOS
Dyeing craft BATIK
Ending for election EER
Entertain lavishly REGALE
Exams tough to cheat on ORALS
Family man DAD
Feel awful about RUE
Frequent frowner GRUMP
Fruit that sounds sluggish SLOE
Georgia-Pacific’s cup brand DIXIE
Judge’s instruction BESEATED
Keep from collapsing PROPUP
Listless feeling ENNUI
Little bits MITES
Luau preparation POI
Most impactful HUGEST
Moving day challenge SOFA
Nike alternative ADIDAS
North African capital RABAT
One way to cook broccoli CHAR
One-twelfth of the yr JAN
One-twelfth of the zodiac LEO
Only three-VP CIC FDR
Org. of screeners TSA
Parallelogram’s trio ELS
Poet Pound EZRA
Presently, surprisingly EVENNOW
Road crew boot goo TAR
Save, with ”aside” SET
Seals the deal AGREES
See 36 Across NITRIC
Slow start ESS
Sort of sprite ELF
Speaks vehemently THUNDERS
Spill grabber RAG
Standout performer ACE
Stereo sound setting TREBLE
Straw, for some animals BED
They’re not hits MISSES
Tim’s eventual benefactor EBENEZER
Trickles from trees SAPS
Two Asian seas (past and present) ARALJAVA
Two body parts KNEESPLEEN
Two musical terms RONDOMOLTO
Two streaming services HULUVUDU
Undercover cop NARC
Vaccine target TETANUS
Video taker, familiarly CAM
Vintage OLD
Water, chemically OXIDE
Wear down ABRADE
What some jeans are sold with RIPS
Where players work ARENAS
Wild card in 33 Down DRAWFOUR
With 39 Across, two chemical acids CITRIC
www.nj.__ GOV