– Apr 24 2018

Clues Answers
”Are not!” reply AMSO
”Suffice __ say . . .” ITTO
”__ say more?” NEEDI
Achieving great success HITTINGAHOMERUN
Aide: Abbr ASST
As big as the real thing LIFESIZE
Be deceitful TELLLIES
Be durable LAST
Bird’s nose BEAK
Boyfriend BEAU
Bullets and such AMMO
Butter serving PAT
Christmas song NOEL
Cider fruit APPLE
Closer to the ocean floor DEEPER
Competent ABLE
Construction locations SITES
Coral ridges REEFS
Engaged in battle ATWAR
Enter stealthily EDGEIN
Entertain AMUSE
Envelope insert: Abbr ENC
Environmental sci ECOL
Factual TRUE
Far off the mark OUTINLEFTFIELD
Formal ceremony RITE
Friend PAL
Fuel economy letters MPG
Genuine REAL
Giggling sound TEHEE
Hands out the cards DEALS
Heart’s beat PULSE
Heroic saga EPIC
Iowa or Ohio STATE
It’s east of New Hampshire MAINE
Later on AFTER
Long-distance runner MILER
Make less complicated EASE

Clues Answers
Memo starter INRE
Middling grade CEE
Moral standards ETHICS
Movie theater CINEMA
Muscle twitch SPASM
Not firm, as a wet noodle LIMP
Note between fa and la SOL
Notion IDEA
Object of worship IDOL
Philbin of TV REGIS
Plain writing PROSE
Play opener ACTI
Point opposite NNW SSE
Prefix for circle SEMI
Prefix for violet ULTRA
Red Riding Hood’s adversary WOLF
Relaxes RESTS
Repair MEND
Rosebush pest APHID
Score 100% on a test ACEIT
Semesters TERMS
Some boxing wins, for short TKOS
Spew lava ERUPT
Squish, as potatoes MASH
Stage backdrop SET
Stretches across SPANS
Students soon to graduate: Abbr SRS
Tax agcy IRS
Throw in ADD
Trio after Q RST
Typeface FONT
Vegan’s no-no MEAT
Windy day toy KITE
__ Angeles LOS
__ Gras MARDI
__ now (so far) UPTO

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