Crossword Puzzle Info – Apr 24 2020 – Puzzle Answers

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Clues Answers
”Able was __ . . .” IERE
”Lord of the Rings” stopping place INN
‘__ de genie” (French brainstorm) IDEE
All-Century Team shortstop RIPKEN
Augustan Age poet OVID
Bad review PAN
Bailed out, so to speak SPRUNG
Big name at OHARE
Big tug YANK
Brief filers: Abbr DAS
Bundle of energy DYNAMO
Calculated, perhaps ADDED
Canine care specialist DENTIST
Capital of Azerbaijan BAKU
Certain fish or fellow BASS
Clear-cut separations CLEANBREAKS
Crow cousin MAGPIE
Cruise ship’s __ deck LIDO
Dandy-dressing dude FOP
DC-based network NPR
Declare STATE
Declares, in comics SEZ
Detaching for snacking BITINGOFF
Election ending EER
Fiesta hang-up PINATA
Frequent forecast mention SKIES
German ”you” SIE
Get __ of (contact) AHOLD
Highest-class ELITE
Honor with a party FETE
Hubbub ADO
Idaho grazer ELK
Is ready for ice fishing FREEZESOVER
Kolkata coin RUPEE
Korean car KIA
Leaps on ice LUTZES
Letters with 0 OPER
Many med. school professors DRS
One shade of gray PEARL
P, as for Plato RHO
Part of a foot ARCH
Pears and apples POMES
Pecs, abs, etc BOD
Pet of the Week org ASPCA
Piracy venue OPENSEA
Put into service USED
Real pest NOODGE
Relaxation exclamation AAH
Rub roughly ABRADE
Scary addr. of films ELMST
Scary sign BADOMEN
Sharp bark YIP
Slim down gradually TAPER
Slow symphonic sections LARGOS
Solemn promise IDO
Some sloganeers ADMEN
Squad leader: Abbr SGT
Storytelling dance HULA
Swedish money KRONOR
Swoon, to Streisand PLOTZ
Top pop singer from London ADELE
Tort in print LIBEL
Transmutation conclusion BOLTBOLDGOLD
Transmutation, part 1 LEADLEAKTEAK
Transmutation, part 2 TEAMBEAM
Transmutation, part 3 BEATBELT
TV ”Neighborhood” nickname FRED
Underground worker SPY
Understand, in sci-fi GROK
Use your phone MAKEACALL
__ Moore (contradictory guy?) LES