Crossword Puzzle Info – Apr 25 2018

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Clues Answers
”Common” part of speech NOUN
”Garfield” dog ODIE
”Pay attention!” LISTEN
”Simpsons” creator Groening MATT
”Simpsons” sister LISA
Actress Hathaway ANNE
Agreement of opinion ACCORDANCE
Alaskan port NOME
Attendance book notations ABSENCES
Backyard structure SHED
Be a braggart CROW
Be adequate PASSMUSTER
Be too dramatic EMOTE
Borscht vegetable BEET
Boulder STONE
Bratty talk SASS
Cab fare calculator METER
Café vessel URN
Cast a spell on HEX
Comics bark ARF
Compels FORCES
Complain, informally MOAN
Cook beef in an oven ROAST
Corrals or pigsties PENS
Creative spark IDEA
Cries out loud SOBS
Crude-oil cartel OPEC
Decorative plaster STUCCO
Deliberately ignore SNUB
Diplomatic agents EMISSARIES
Discounted by LESS
Discuss informally TOSSAROUND
Finished up ENDED
Fire truck’s implements AXES
Fire truck’s sound SIREN
Get hitched again REWED
Ginger cookies SNAPS
Hatchling’s home NEST
Henhouse perch ROOST
Clues Answers
High poker pair ACES
Hot tub SPA
Least likely to bite TAMEST
Mad Hatter’s guest ALICE
Mattress weakness SAG
Mongrel CUR
Movie snack CANDY
Natural balm ALOE
On one’s toes ALERT
Phone directory listings: Abbr NOS
Place for a mattress BED
Postseason sports honorees, briefly MVPS
Prefix for directed MIS
Push (down) TAMP
Put on hold DEFER
Raise, as a document seal EMBOSS
Read quickly SCAN
Ripped TORE
Sailor guys SEAMEN
Santa __ winds ANA
Sci-fi being ALIEN
Served lunch to FED
Shire of the ”Rocky” movies TALIA
Shoebox letters EEE
Shopping centers MALLS
Smartphone image ICON
Stylish, in the ’60s MOD
Suffix for kitchen ETTE
Sugar measure TEASPOON
Sunbeams RAYS
The Dalai __ LAMA
Top-shelf AONE
Turner who founded CNN TED
Unwitting victim STOOGE
Winter solstice mo DEC
Wintry coating FROST
Wintry downfalls SLEETS