Crossword Puzzle Info – Apr 25 2020 – Puzzle Answers

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Clues Answers
”Billet-doux” addressee AMIE
”Old man” of poetry WINTER
”What Every Mother Should Know” author SANGER
”__ she sought her ocean nest”: Shelley ERE
About $21 trillion, for the US last year GDP
Adopt over time PHASEIN
Apt deific statue at Bryn Mawr ATHENA
Attired, as circus chimps DIAPERCLAD
Bambi, in the book ROEDEER
Bay __ AREA
Bent or lent things EARS
Biggest performing rights group ASCAP
Bother TODO
Break beneficiaries ESCAPEES
Breakfast order OVEREASY
Bring pressure to bear ARMTWIST
British dessert SUETPUDDING
Capacious carrier SEDAN
Caterer’s hardware URN, OVEN
Caterpillar’s activity INCHING
Cole Porter rhyme for ”dish” DELISH
Double-dog dare, e.g GOAD
Efficient clamps CANINETEETH
Engage in WAGE
Explore caves, say SKINDIVE
Extent of influence REACH
Forces (through) RAMS
Forest*A*__ (online woods management guide) SYST
German version of Betsy LISE
Goose or turkey FATHEAD
Got ready to leave Gavenotice
Hard to explain EERIE
Immoderate DRASTIC
Is prescient about SEESINTO
It might come out with a snort IBET
Jung’s ”principle of relationship” EROS
Like tangerines ORANGY
Literature Nobelist 23 years after GBS TSE
Little wall climbers GECKOS
Long and undulating EELY
Magical niece of Circe MEDEA
Makes cast changes DYES
Many stage Romeos TENORS
Oil source IRAN
One in an Old Time Radio lineup KNOB
Oppressor MEANIE, OGRE
Paid back GOTEVEN
Passes (out) DOLES
Period of petitioning NOVENA
Police work RAID
Potter’s mark SCAR
Prepare fare for 5 Down CAN
Puts together WEDS
Representation of reason EGO
Requisite INTEGRAL
Rigorous STERN
See 46 Across FINKS
Skate through ACE
Source for some syrup in cereals AGAVE
Speak too broadly EMOTE
Struggle VIE
Symbol of power THRONE
Thirsts YENS
Velodrome setup OVALS
With 49 Down, contemptibles RAT
With a steady pulse CADENCED
Work with a pharaoh AIDA