Crossword Puzzle Info – Apr 26 2018

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Clues Answers
”Sure, we should” LETS
Almond-shaped OVAL
Amazon’s assistant ALEXA
Antsy feeling AGITA
Arise (from) STEM
Ash Wednesday follower LENT
Asked for a loan HITUP
ATM feature KEYPAD
Bite playfully NIPAT
Blue hue AQUA
Blunted blade EPEE
Branch of math TRIG
Caustic cleaners LYES
Chef’s hat TOQUE
Come up short LOSE
Contends VIES
Crime novel plot CAPER
Disquiet ALARM
Dostoyevsky title character IDIOT
Ending for wander LUST
Fashion magazine ELLE
Female lobsters HENS
Few and far between SPARSE
Final Four org NCAA
Finished OVER
Gloomy GRIM
Got manic WENTGAGA
Indispensible thing MUST
Largest Baltic state city RIGA
Long-tailed squawker MACAW
Lost traction SLID
Makes objections DEMURS
Metaphorical homecomers COWS
Miami-__ County DADE
Moon of Jupiter EUROPA
Netflix science series star NYE
Clues Answers
No trouble at all EASY
Novelist Uris LEON
Numerous New England vacation rentals CAPECODCOTTAGES
Oklahoma city ENID
Pass over lightly SLUR
Perimeter EDGE
Poked around EXPLORED
Ready if needed ONCALL
Recuperate HEAL
Résumés, for short VITAE
San Marino surrounder ITALY
Shakespearean forest ARDEN
Shampoo ingredient ALOE
Shampoo, say WASH
Shape of certain pasta SPIRAL
Southern address YALL
Spanish mark TILDE
Spoofs and such SATIRE
Star of ”Under Siege” SEAGAL
State with a panhandle IDAHO
Strauss of denims LEVI
Syrian city ALEPPO
Team at home near the Ohio REDS
Trite writer HACK
TV task for ex-athletes COLORCOMMENTARY
Undercover cop NARC
Undulation WAVE
Vacant lot vegetation WEEDS
Van Gogh hangout ARLES
Video game pioneer ATARI
Vintner brothers’ surname GALLO
What’s here THESE
Window framework SASH
Word for a thing NOUN
Yoga class equipment MATS
Youngest of Alcott’s Marches AMY