Crossword Puzzle Info – Apr 26 2020 – Puzzle Answers

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Clues Answers
”Alice in Wonderland” cat DINAH
”Gotcha now” ISEE
”In all probability . . .” IDBET
”It was __ and stormy night” ADARK
”Okay with me” YEAH
”The Goddess of Pop” CHER
”Wabbit Twouble” adversary ELMER
Added conditions ANDS
Addresses with slashes URLS
Amount payable TOTAL
Arabian Nights flier ROC
Arnold’s swordsman CONAN
Assent on deck AYEAYE
Athlete’s jitters THEYIPS
Bad moods SNITS
Battleground ARENA
Biblical song PSALM
Birds’ crops CRAWS
Blue toon SMURF
Boris Johnson or Theresa May TORY
Camera attachments VIEWFINDERS
Certain ski lifts TBARS
Cheap seat locale LASTROW
Clipper ship WINDJAMMER
Coconutty creation PIE
Competed in an Eton bee SPELT
Conceals VEILS
Cotillard Oscar role PIAF
Creole staple RICE
Crime film character THIEF
Crime film characters HOODS
Curt denial NOTME
Don’t be wasteful CONSERVE
Don’t include OMIT
Don’t partake of AVOID
Dreaded task CHORE
Easily misled NAIVE
Embarrassing commotion SCENE
Emulated a 45 Across SWAM
False account LIE
Fills with wonder AWES
Fire up ROUSE
Forest clearing GLADE
Frat letter THETA
Gang conflict TURFWAR
Gas with a ”new” name NEON
Geographic extent AREA
Grenada, Guyana, etc WESTINDIES
Grimm villain OGRE
Heavy curtain DRAPE
I, to Einstein ICH
Informal summons CMERE
Jessica of ”Hitchcock” BIEL
Kevin of ”Shark Tank” OLEARY
Kilowatt-__ HOUR
Land surrounded by ”agua” ISLA
Letter-reading rituals EYETESTS
Libation DRINK
Logging equipment SAWS
Lorry drivers BRITS
Made of paraffin WAXEN
Maggie Smith, on ”Downton Abbey” DOWAGER
Maugham character SADIE
Mental concoction IDEA
Mention as a source CITE
Mentioned SAID
Mideast royalty EMIRS
Military time off LEAVE
Moore poem VIP STNICK
Morgan of ”30 Rock” TRACY
Musty and moist DANK
Northwestern capital SALEM
Not exactly INASENSE
Not necessarily so ARGUABLE
Novelist Amado JORGE
Novelist E. __ Proulx ANNIE
Novelist Puzo MARIO
One-piece bracelet BANGLE
Oscar, for instance STATUE
Paces of some races TROTS
Packets for the press KITS
Partake of eagerly EATUP
Paths across moats DRAWBRIDGES
Person being used CATSPAW
Pertaining to pants TROUSER
Perused READ
Peter Pan pal WENDY
Pool meet practice LAPS
Post-Christmas season TWELFTHTIDE
Pre-Annapolis campus org NROTC
Predisposition BIAS
Prime time hour NINE
Pumps, for instance SHOES
Refuse to obey DEFY
Right-angle shapes ELS
San Diego suburb LAMESA
Sashimi fish EEL
Scream out HOLLER
Scuba equipment FINS
Sealy alternative SERTA
Secondary celebrities BLIST
Self-evident truth AXIOM
Sentence shortener PAROLE
Sherlock’s female adversary IRENE
Ship class of old STEERAGE
Shoe eyelets, for instance GROMMETS
Shore resort ”pleasure” place PIER
Sign in cinemas EXIT
Since Jan. 1 YTD
Singer Carly __ Jepsen RAE
Ski trail PISTE
Small vortex EDDY
Snide remark BARB
Soldier’s lunchroom MESSHALL
Song often sung in grade school AMERICA
Sound wistful SIGH
Steakhouse serving TBONE
Steamed state IRE
Steep cliffs CRAGS
Stiletto relative SWITCHBLADE
Streaming spree BINGE
Suit fabric TWILL
Symbolizing TOKENING
This, in Argentina ESTO
Threesome from Albuquerque SMALLUS
Tries to reduce DIETS
Vanuatu’s former name NEWHEBRIDES
Was overfond DOTED
Washington Husky, affectionately DAWG
Wasn’t alert SLEPT
What Bugs calls 41 Down DOC
What the id works on URGES
What the other nine longest answers have in common WIDESPREAD
Wheat waste CHAFF
Wine and dine COURT
Work with, as clay KNEAD
Write with your thumbs TEXT
Writer Bombeck ERMA