Crossword Puzzle Info – Apr 27 2018

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Clues Answers
”Glee” cheerleading coach SUE
”Not so fast!” WAIT
10th-century explorer LEIF
A great deal MUCH
Agcy. with auditors IRS
Apt rhyme for ”pursues” WOOS
Austin Powers adversary MINIME
Bart’s bus driver OTTO
Boutros-Ghali successor ANNAN
Brew with barley BEER
Bulls run for it NBA
Call forth EVOKE
Cause for complaint BEEF
Certain ”Sign Here” stickers POSTITS
Checklist component STEP
Checklist component ITEM
Chin locales JOWLS
Early arrival, informally PREEMIE
Engagement, for short APPT
Exploitations USES
Exploratory agency NASA
Fast ferry JETBOAT
Find by great effort UNEARTH
Give forth EMIT
Gretzky’ NHL team OILERS
Halves of matching sets MATES
Hang-up SNAG
Innocent nature NAIVETE
Interpretative piece ESSAY
It may be felt in Westerns COWBOYHAT
It’s surrounded by ”agua” ISLA
Loafer ornaments TASSELS
Lowest median-age state UTAH
Lucy’s landlady ETHEL
Maintenance machine VAC
Male or female nickname FRAN
Clues Answers
Moon of Mars DEIMOS
Mrs. Lennon ONO
Novelist Roberts NORA
Opposite of ”enhance” HARM
Ostentatious ARTY
Out of luck SUNK
Overfamiliar, as a one-liner OLD
Particle with a quark MESON
Parts of gables EAVES
Pinch preceder INA
Pond’s competitor OLAY
Quirk, part 2 ALLRHYMEBUT
Quirk, part 3 NONEOFTHEIR
Seed of a business breakthrough BIGIDEA
Setting at the BBC GMT
Shakespearean general OTHELLO
Shout of distress OHNO
Small mount PONY
Soon afterward THEN
Sound system boxes AMPS
Speaking skill ORATORY
Sports tour operator PGA
Sprinkles WETS
Steves of travel prose RICK
Successor of 10 Down BAN
Supplementary poker pile SIDEPOT
Symbol of sturdiness OAK
Synagogue salutation SHALOM
They may be disappearing ACTS
Tip of a spout NOSE
Type of digital camera SLR
Unconditional UTTER
Up to, in verse TIL
What the Norse call a ”fjord” BAY
Wheel alignment TOEIN
__ loading (racer’s ritual) CARBO