Crossword Puzzle Info – Apr 27 2020 – Puzzle Answers

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Clues Answers
”Happy as a” songbird LARK
”Howdy!” HIYA
”That makes sense now” ISEE
”The __ Duckling” (fairy tale) UGLY
”__ your pardon . . .” IBEG
Addition totals SUMS
Airline vehicle PLANE
Amplifier on a lapel, for short MIKE
At any time EVER
Baby’s female parent MAMA
Baby’s male parent DADA
Barnyard cluckers HENS
Big inconvenience HASSLE
Brit’s hot beverage TEA
Chili __ carne CON
Corrosion of iron RUST
Customary USUAL
Difficult journey TREK
Enthusiastic AVID
Entice LURE
Factual TRUE
Fairy tale monster OGRE
Farmland measure ACRE
Flash of inspiration IDEA
Food for a parakeet SEED
Former spouses EXES
Fuzzy image BLUR
Hive insects BEES
Home made of logs CABIN
In a gloomy mood MOROSE
In a sly way COYLY
Initial poker cost ANTE
Joyous, as Christmas MERRY
Kid’s metal construction kit ERECTORSET
Laced, as shoes TIED
Ladder steps RUNGS
Light-colored beer LAGER
Lima __ (green legume) BEAN
Made docile TAMED
Make a mistake ERR
Make beloved ENDEAR
Makes angry RILES
Male monarch KING
Model airplane adhesive GLUE
Modeling material stored in an egg SILLYPUTTY
Modify, as the Constitution AMEND
More angry SORER
Neighborhood sandwich shop DELI
Number on a sports page STAT
Offends HURTS
On __ nine (very happy) CLOUD
Ones walking through water WADERS
Persuade gently COAX
Portions of corn EARS
Possess HAVE
Residence for robins NEST
Roadside assistance org AAA
Rowboat propellers OARS
Royal decree EDICT
Search for SEEK
Sedan or coupe CAR
Shoplifted STOLE
Short footrace DASH
Six-sided twistable puzzle RUBIKSCUBE
Skidded SLID
Snapshot PHOTO
Soft French cheese BRIE
Spirit-summoning event SEANCE
Standard behavior NORM
Strong impulse URGE
Used to be WERE
Very inexpensive CHEAP
What a contact lens covers EYE
Wrote a limerick, for example RHYMED
Yarn-hair redhead female doll RAGGEDYANN
__ and hearty (healthy) HALE
__ Moines, IA DES
__ so (nevertheless) EVEN