Crossword Puzzle Info – Apr 28 2018

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Clues Answers
”I’m rarin’ to go” TURNMELOOSE
”Please remove shoes __” (Hawaiian doormat message) MAHALO
”The other __” (annual ”Culinary Forecast” publisher) NRA
”To the barricades!” ITSWAR
”Vino” center MARSALA
”You’re not serious!” GETOUT
1998 film with Stallone as a soldier ANTZ
Aleutian wintering off Indonesia TERN
Another way to say ”sprechen” PARLEZ
At the extreme of retiring COYEST
BolĂ­var Square city BOGOTA
Burlesques APES
Centers for drawing classes MAGNETSCHOOLS
Cobble together COCREATE
Contend seriously MAKEARUN
Crowded AWASH
Disinclined to lecturing SOFTON
Emulates a pacifier CAVES
Endorser of vitamin D in milk AMA
Fast-growing grass BAMBOO
Federal supporter of ”citizen science” EPA
General Washington subordinate CONTINENTAL
Glue ___ GUN
Heavy charge ONUS
Indoor surfer’s venue WAVEPOOL
It offers a Cajun Totchos recipe OREIDA
Leftovers used for stews HAMBONES
Legendary robotlike creature GOLEM
Loses vitality WITHERS
Marine animal named for a gourd SEACUCUMBER
Mental structure PSYCHE
Migrated upstream RAN
MLB team with Sedona Red on uniforms ARI
Clues Answers
Object of computer manipulation DATASET
Opposite of ”contrary” AKIN
Original cost of Superman Comics DIME
Part of the NYSE’s GS SACHS
Pill-bottle protector, perhaps WAD
Port due north of Corsica GENOA
Posturing ACTS
Powerful block in Minecraft TNT
Prepare for inspection NEATEN
Professional hagglers AGENTS
Root for November YAM
Salute starter ATOAST
Scrappy instruction? ABORT
Shore leave? EBB
Sour look, from the French MOUE
Staple of wax commercials WETMOP
Stars portray them patriotically STATES
Still buggy, perhaps INBETA
Subdued BEAT
Subject to prosecution, per Article III TREASONABLE
Temp monitors, at times RNS
Toboggan cousin SLEIGH
Torts taker, probably ONEL
Travel channel ARTERY
Tries to swat BATSAT
Upwardly mobile AVIATING
Useful part of aloe vera SAP
Vinification location VAT
Washed up DONEFOR
What an AC cuts down on MPG
What MIT hasn’t a major in ENG
What much soap is made from SUET
What water softeners exchange IONS
Yuletide injunction ADESTE
__ Desktop for Windows AOL