Crossword Puzzle Info – Apr 29 2018

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Clues Answers
”Certainement!” OUI
”Inferno” author DANTE
”Operators are standing by!” CALLNOW
”Same here!” METOO
”Steady as __ goes” SHE
About 4,000 square meters ONEACRE
Accurate, as a 19 Across ONKEY
Actor Penn SEAN
Actress Zellweger RENEE
Adam’s grandson ENOS
All Bryn Mawr grads WOMEN
Ambulance destinations: Abbr ERS
Amusement center of yore PENNYARCADE
Appoint NAME
Ask earnestly PRAY
Asked earnestly PLEADED
Attention-getter PSST
Avail of again REUSE
Battle line FRONT
Battlefield healer MEDIC
Be plotting SCHEME
Berry in smoothies ACAI
Besides that MORE
Big name in hot-air balloon history MONTGOLFIER
Blog entry POST
Board game equipment PIECES
Boxing match signal BELL
Breakfast beverages, briefly OJS
Cafeteria worker COOK
Campus club FRAT
Category GROUP
Certain written reminders LISTS
Charged CAMEAT
Christie detective POIROT
City near Lake Tahoe RENO
City west of Tulsa ENID
Closes tightly SEALSUP
Competitor RIVAL
Cone holder PINE
Convertible, slangily RAGTOP
Costume made from a bedsheet TOGA
Court figure JUROR
Cuba neighbor HAITI
Day-__ paint GLO
Deep devotion PIETY
Dept. of Labor org OSHA
Dessert that Florida is famous for LIMEPIE
Dips in water WETS
Do the driving STEER
Earth Day month APRIL
Eastern European SERB
Erstwhile Russian state: Abbr SSR
Escalator part STEP
Evening, on marquees NITE
Fed. financial assistance SSI
Feudal lord LIEGE
Final figures TOTALS
Fires off SENDS
Fjord city OSLO
Floating freely ADRIFT
Floral garland LEI
Flounder’s organ GILL
Footwear for Federer TENNISSHOE
French Riviera city CANNES
From India or Indonesia ASIAN
Get some seasoning AGE
Glimpsed SEEN
Go swiftly RUN
Hand warmer GLOVE
Clues Answers
Hefty book TOME
High fashion monogram YSL
Highly skilled ADEPT
Hiker’s snack GRANOLA
Hiker’s water holder CANTEEN
Hwys. with numbers RTES
In a cooler, perhaps ONICE
Invite for ASKTO
Jack-in-the-box part LID
Keycard receiver SLOT
Kitchen vessel POT
Last: Abbr ULT
Lasting mark SCAR
Lock of hair TRESS
Make over REDO
Masquerades (as) POSES
Moral principle TENET
Nebulous nature WISPINESS
Newsstand display MAGS
Nothing more than MERE
Novelist Jong ERICA
Numerical prefix SEMI
Nutmeg spice MACE
Old West badge TINSTAR
Operatic selection ARIA
Outcry YELL
Pal of Kemo Sabe TONTO
Palo Alto car company TESLA
Part of wine lists REDS
Pays no mind to IGNORES
Pithy saying EPIGRAM
Plunder RAVAGE
Pointer TIP
Quaint ”before” ERE
Qualifying races HEATS
Rattler, for one SNAKE
Retentive ability MEMORY
Safari attire VEST
Sailboat hazard REEF
Sales staff REPS
Scrutinizes EYES
Sculpture medium ALABASTER
SEALs’ service: Abbr USN
Sharp knock RAP
Short drives SPINS
Sleight-of-hand expert ILLUSIONIST
Small, sweet sandwich OREOCOOKIE
Some corporate jets LEARS
Some S&L nest eggs IRAS
St. Louis summer setting CDT
Stable newborns FOALS
Stocking stuffers TOES
Sub __ (secretly) ROSA
Subject TOPIC
Subordinate to UNDER
Sugar amt TSP
Surrounded by AMID
Syrian __ Republic ARAB
Teheran natives IRANIS
Thing in common CONNECTION
Things done ACTIONS
Top-selling HOT
Tour guides, for instance LEADERS
Transforms ALTERS
Tuscaloosa team, familiarly BAMA
University sports org NCAA
Very funny people RIOTS
Victoria’s reign, for example ERA
Violin pin PEG
Vision correction acronym LASIK
Wax-wrapped cheeses EDAMS
Young socialite DEB
Zodiac feline LEO