Crossword Puzzle Info – Apr 29 2020 – Puzzle Answers

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Clues Answers
Accept an invitation COME
Apple Watch voice SIRI
Archie Bunker persona BIGOT
Arrive at REACH
Auto registration fig VIN
Big wheel’s auto LIMO
Catalyst AGENT
Char on a grill SEAR
Chicago air hub OHARE
Compose an email WRITE
Curtain holders RODS
DC subway METRO
Dimes, to dollars TENTHS
Director Spike or Ang LEE
Early evening hour SEVEN
Extended family CLAN
Felt concern CARED
Form 1040 org IRS
Former Italian coin LIRA
Frightful GRIM
Genie’s offering WISH
Go it alone SOLO
Have a big advantage HOLDALLTHECARDS
Have lunch on the run, say GRABASANDWICH
Hertz competitor AVIS
Hr. fraction SEC
Hue of Mars RED
Improves in a wine cellar AGES
In style TRENDY
Is wild about ADORES
It’s a thought IDEA
Italian shroud city TURIN
Knight’s spear LANCE
Laudatory poetry ODES
Lesson objective AIM
Light and breezy AIRY
Loathe ABHOR
Make a desperate try GRASPATSTRAWS
Michelangelo sculpture PIETA
Needing straightening MESSY
Not playing today IDLE
Orangutan, for one APE
Performed a duet SANG
Place to graze LEA
Possible reply to ”You think so?” IDO
Pottery supply CLAY
Preliminary races HEATS
Probability stats ODDS
Ready for business OPEN
Ready to bite into RIPE
Revealed, as one’s feelings LAIDBARE
Round of applause HAND
Royal topper CROWN
Salty waters SEAS
Sap of strength ENERVATE
Scot’s topper TAM
Sheep in quantity HERD
Sign of the ram ARIES
Slender SLIM
Splinter group SECT
Stared at OGLED
Strong craving YEN
Susan Sarandon’s monogram ESSES
Take a lease RENT
Take a spouse WED
They’re needed for pouting LIPS
Thrown in ADDED
Tinseltown trophies OSCARS
Two-element semiconductor DIODE
Uncouth RUDE
Unhip one NERD
Very hard to find RARE
What one may call a queen MAAM
With sore muscles ACHY
Work on another’s manuscript EDIT
Wouk’s mutinied ship CAINE
Zealous AVID
[see other side] OVER