– Apr 3 2018

Clues Answers
”All kidding __ . . .” ASIDE
”Beauty __ the eye . . . ” ISIN
”You said it!” ANDHOW
Annoy VEX
Any moment now SOON
Astonish STUN
Atlantic or Arctic OCEAN
Author unknown: Abbr ANON
Auto for hire TAXI
Bell sound PEAL
Bird of peace DOVE
Blog entry POST
Border EDGE
Bovine beasts of burden OXEN
Burn a bit SINGE
Campus military org ROTC
Church service MASS
Cookie’s chocolate piece CHIP
Declare STATE
Drain blockages CLOGS
Fawn or buck DEER
Female choir section ALTOS
Footrace participant RUNNER
Gadget used on an apple CORER
Handle incorrectly MISUSE
Happen again RECUR
Harpoon or javelin SPEAR
Healthful resorts SPAS
Impish glance LEER
Keeping at it PERSISTENT
Keeping at it UNWAVERING
Keeping at it DETERMINED
Keeping at it RELENTLESS
Leg joints KNEES
Letters on the ”0” button OPER
Light-colored beer LAGER
Little fruit pie TART
Male 23 Across STAG
Clues Answers
Matures AGES
Midmorning hour NINE
Milky gemstone OPAL
Miss from Mexico: Abbr SRTA
Model of perfection IDEAL
Money in France EURO
Nation north of Mex USA
One of __ days (eventually) THESE
Overwhelms with one’s skill WOWS
Pack away STOW
Parakeet food SEEDS
Per person EACH
Point toward AIMAT
Poor grades DEES
Prefix for potent OMNI
Prefix meaning ”eight” OCTO
Pretense SHAM
Rebound of a sound ECHO
Reveal one’s identity UNMASK
River, in Spain RIO
Scarecrow stuffing STRAW
Short-lived craze MANIA
Simplicity EASE
Small perfume bottle VIAL
Small restaurant BISTRO
Standard practice CUSTOM
Started, as a TV show CAMEON
Submarine locator SONAR
Take the bus or train RIDE
Three-dimensional objects SOLIDS
Throw forcefully HURL
Truth twister LIAR
Turn __ (become) INTO
Untidy person SLOB
Walk to the other side of the street CROSS
Water-loving big African beast HIPPO
Weight increase GAIN
Wheel shaft AXLE
Word-of-mouth ORAL

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