– Apr 3 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”A Room with __” (Forster novel) AVIEW
”Baloney!” MYEYE
”How yucky!” EWW
”How yucky!” GROSS
”OK, got it” ISEE
”Old English” home style TUDOR
”Today” forecaster ALROKER
”__ culpa” MEA
Accomplished easily ACED
Actor Patel DEV
Adult 73 Down MEN
African antelopes GNUS
Agricultural region of California IMPERIALVALLEY
Altar affirmation IDO
Alternative to Whirlpool AMANA
Apt (to) LIABLE
Arsenal stuff AMMO
As soon as WHEN
Aspirin target PAIN
Astronaut Shepard ALAN
Attraction in Oregon CRATERLAKE
Barn rooster OWL
Bear’s weapon PAW
Birth name preceder NEE
Briny body SEA
Capital on the Hudson ALBANY
Capitulated GAVEUP
Charitable person GRANTOR
City with ”movie colony” neighborhoods PALMSPRINGS
Class for immigrants: Abbr ESL
Classroom signal BELL
Clutches HAS
Collectible vinyl LPS
Colloquial ”sticking” point CRAW
Colorado River creation GRANDCANYON
Coming to WAKING
Connecticut campus YALE
Cornell who co-founded Cornell EZRA
Corporate VIP CEO
Costa __ Sol DEL
CPA activity FILING
Cut off crudely HACK
Daily essays COLUMNS
DC ballplayer NAT
Decide, as a judge RULEON
Diamond crew UMPS
Does some weed work HOES
Double-dot symbol COLON
Easily squished SPONGY
Entrance to San Francisco Bay GOLDENGATE
Express displeasure BOO
Facility with slips MARINA
Feathery accessory BOA
Fine wool ANGORA
Fit expert TAILOR
Fond of boasting GASSY
Fortune-teller ORACLE
French reference book publisher LAROUSSE
From square one ANEW
Gallery array ART
Give testimony SWEAR
Goes astray ERRS
Golf goals PARS
Had thirds, say OVERATE
Have yet to pay OWE
Hearty dinner STEW
Helps out AIDS
High spot SKY
Hold up ROB
Horticultural category ANNUAL
House site LOT
Inclined to fuss CRANKY
Intrude, with ”in” HORN
Inverness native SCOT
Italian cheese ASIAGO
Italian fashion hub MILAN
Kenya’s second city MOMBASA
Kid’s constant query WHY
Kung __ chicken PAO
Largest North American range ROCKYMOUNTAINS
Left ventricle outlet AORTA
Letters for help SOS
Letters on toothpaste tubes ADA
Light game LASERTAG
Lodging for a lord MANOR
Login info USERID
Long story SAGA
Luau instruments UKES
Made more fair EVENED
Magazine thickener ADS
Make sense ADDUP
Meeting handout AGENDA
MLB box score heading RBI
More than one 65 Down SONS
Moves like molasses OOZES
Munich-based automaker BMW
Oinker’s abode PEN
One on deposit duty TELLER
Out of the ordinary ODD
Pastry person BAKER
Pontifical PAPAL
Pop star from New Zealand LORDE
Pop, from a crib DADA
Prep a press for printing INKUP
Punished financially FINED
Puts under siege BESETS
Raucous black bird GRACKLE
Reaction to a bad pun OUCH
Remove talons from DECLAW
See 39 Down BABA
See at a distance ESPY
Sight from the Empire State Building observatory CENTRALPARK
Sing like a bird WARBLE
Skip out for a union ELOPE
Slangy Puerto Rican parent PAPI
Someone Adam hadn’t MOM
Sort of shoe SLIPON
Sought restitution legally SUED
South Carolina tourist center MYRTLEBEACH
Splinter group SECT
Sports nut’s number STAT
Statue’s support BASE
Stern refusal NOIWONT
Teen since 1959 BARBIE
Texter’s qualification IMO
To date YET
Tomato product PASTE
Tongue-in-cheek WRY
Took charge of RAN
Trail mix morsel RAISIN
Trivial matters NITS
Typical USUAL
Vacillates YOYOS
Venturesome BOLD
Villain in 200+ films DRACULA
Vowel in frat names ETA
Wee fellow LAD
Went along (with) SIDED
Went full tilt SPED
What to wear GARB
Winning consistently ONATEAR
With 91 Across, legendary woodcutter ALI
Wood for fireplaces CORDAGE
Work out in the water SWIM
__ chi (martial art) TAI
__ Coyote of cartoons WILEE

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