Crossword Puzzle Info – Apr 30 2018

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Clues Answers
”__ a vacation!” INEED
Accelerate in intensity STEPUP
Adorable CUTE
Ahead of time EARLY
Anxious feeling UNEASE
Artist’s stand EASEL
Blizzard or hurricane STORM
Bouquet holders VASES
British ”Bye-bye!” TATA
Canyon sound ECHO
Carry a __ (sing OK) TUNE
Con game SCAM
Cruise vessel SHIP
Drills and saws TOOLS
Egyptian snake ASP
Eight-sided street sign STOP
Factual TRUE
Fan club favorite IDOL
Find yourself needing help BEINAPICKLE
First-rate TIPTOP
Fist in the mouth, slangily KNUCKLESANDWICH
Fly or gnat INSECT
Formal ceremony RITE
Full collections SETS
Gambling tokens CASINOCHIPS
Genuine REAL
Give feedback REACT
Grades K-12, for short ELHI
Hardly __ (rarely) EVER
Islamic holy book KORAN
Jittery TENSE
Jockey’s strap REIN
Just average SOSO
Lab-maze runners RATS
Letters before tees ESSES
List-shortening abbr ETAL
Lowest army rank: Abbr PVT
Make a mistake ERR
Clues Answers
Make an escape FLEE
Maximum road speed LIMIT
Mexican coins PESOS
Molecule part ATOM
Mystical glow AURA
Number on a sales tag PRICE
Opening statement, for short INTRO
Pantry invaders ANTS
Passport stamp VISA
Ping-Pong table barrier NET
Playful aquatic mammals OTTERS
Plumbing tube PIPE
Pub beverage ALE
Raisin __ cereal BRAN
Residences ABODES
River sediment SILT
Russian liquor VODKA
Santa’s landing area ROOF
Shade trees ELMS
Short skirt MINI
Small mountains HILLS
Some S&L nest eggs IRAS
Stay home for supper EATIN
Still in bed NOTUP
Sword fight DUEL
Take care of SEETO
Tax-return filing month APRIL
Three-piece suit piece VEST
Trees with acorns OAKS
Try to track down HUNT
Two hearts that beat __ ASONE
Underwater research site SEALAB
Used a broom SWEPT
Wager BET
What a furnace provides HEAT
Work at a keyboard TYPE
Workshop gripper CLAMP
__ and crafts ARTS
__ moss (gardening material) PEAT