– Apr 4 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”Do __ others . . .” UNTO
”No bid” IPASS
”We __ amused” ARENOT
2,000-pound measures TONS
Above OVER
Add decorations to ADORN
An urge to scratch ITCH
Angelic ring HALO
Annoy IRK
Auto wheel TIRE
Basics for young readers ABCS
Bat’s underground home CAVE
Become ready to harvest RIPEN
Belly muscles ABS
Brothers and sisters, briefly SIBS
Corporate boss, for short EXEC
Dance that ”it takes two” to do TANGO
Despise ABHOR
Division of a business: Abbr DEPT
Eight-person singing group OCTET
Exerciser’s chest covering TSHIRT
Feeling blue GLUM
French flat hat BERET
German auto AUDI
Gives approval for OKAYS
Go bad, as food ROT
Has a meal EATS
HELLO MY __ IS (tag phrase) NAME
Indoor sports venue ARENA
Initial comment, for short INTRO
Javelin or harpoon SPEAR
Lights in night skies STARS
Lobster cousin CRAB
Long heroic tale EPIC
Low-denomination bills ONES
Make one’s exit LEAVE
Mexican tortilla sandwich TACO
Mischievous sprite PIXIE
Model airplane adhesive GLUE
Monarchs’ domains REALMS
More than half of MOST
Mystical glow AURA
Narrow parts of bottles NECKS
Nevada casino city RENO
Open, as a change purse UNSNAP
Parts of a stair STEPS
Party-with-presents occasion, for short BDAY
Penny CENT
Person playing a part ACTOR
Phrase atop a chore list TODO
Pictorial diagram GRAPH
Pizzeria product PIE
Prayer-ending word AMEN
Question to ask permission CANI
Reach across, as a bridge SPAN
Roosters and bulls MALES
Rosé wine or a certain lemonade PINKDRINK
Scored 100% on ACED
Seeds from oaks ACORNS
Sound of scorn SNORT
Sour mood SNIT
Spade or club’s lowest face card BLACKJACK
Stir-fry veggie in a pod GREENBEAN
Strawberry jam, for instance REDSPREAD
Summer or winter SEASON
Take a break REST
Take off, as weight LOSE
They top i’s and j’s DOTS
Tilt to one side LEAN
Triple-decker cookie OREO
Unlocked, as a door OPEN
Vaccine shots, informally JABS
What a pupil sits at DESK
White egret HERON
Wise person SAGE
With cold cubes, as tea ICED
With no clouds in the sky CLEAR
__ so (nevertheless) EVEN

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