– Apr 5 2018

Clues Answers
”By Jove!” ISAY
1836 battle site ALAMO
Abound TEEM
Barbecue concoctions RUBS
Be a headliner STAR
Biblical preposition UNTO
Call off SCRUB
City north of Pittsburgh ERIE
Closes, perhaps ZIPS
Colleague PEER
Commotion FLAP
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Contribute ADD
Countrywide, for short NATL
Curt contradiction NOPE
Cut on a farm REAP
Dark period NIGHT
Division of Honda ACURA
Drains SAPS
Dynastic duration REIGN
Elvis, in early 1960 NCO
Email folder SPAM
Facial hair LASH
Far from the rage OUT
Far from the rage DATED
Farm structure PIGPEN
Fictional Mexican duelist ZORRO
Frosty’s eyes COAL
Go __ (decline) TOPOT
Home decor giant IKEA
However, for short THO
Impulse URGE
Isn’t proud of RUES
Japanese beer brand ASAHI
Kept to oneself INWARD
Knocking down RAZING
Laptop’s dormant setting SLEEP
Lily family flower TULIP
Lithium-__ battery ION
Clues Answers
Make new vows REWED
Mary-Kate and Ashley, for instance FRATERNALTWINS
Mary-Kate or Ashley OLSEN
Most Bahrainis SHIA
Nobel Prize composer DYLAN
On the line ATRISK
On the road AWAY
Oscar actress Berry HALLE
Oxford Street stroller PRAM
Part of the Corn Belt IOWA
Pickling candidate OKRA
Play-__ (kid stuff) DOH
Possible daysailer destination ISLE
Pre-election activity RACE
Proportional pair RATIO
Recipients of Yale mail ELIS
Rendered lyrics SUNG
Roast host EMCEE
Robust HALE
School’s science dept BIOL
Sense of soreness ACHE
Shade of green or blue NILE
Shocked sound GASP
Short note of a sort MEMO
Sister of Venus SERENA
Smackers or steamers CLAMS
Smooth change SEGUE
Something else OTHER
Stock stocker-uppers WALLSTREETBULLS
Sweet ring DONUT
Swindle CON
Team that’s home in a coliseum LOSANGELESRAMS
They have the answers KEYS
Victory WIN
Weaponry ARMS
What’s expected USUAL
When day breaks ATDAWN
__ Stadium (Big Apple tennis site) ASHE

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