– Apr 6 2018

Clues Answers
”Golden Ticket” creator DAHL
”No recourse” stipulation ASIS
”Sweet Breakfast” brand SARALEE
”The DVD player doesn’t work.” ”__” PUSHTHEONBUTTON
”The remote doesn’t work.” ”__” TRYNEWBATTERIES
”The TV doesn’t work.” ”__” (with 44 Across) BESUREITS
’60s giant of hard rock ZAPPA
2017 erupter ETNA
28 Down group ROSES
A cost of leaving AIRFARE
About 17 million square miles ASIA
Ancient accusation ETTU
Bagel flavoring EGG
Barbara’s predecessor NANCY
Best Picture Oscar winner for 2012 ARGO
Black dust of a sort SOOT
Book after Judges RUTH
Camp Pendleton org USMC
Clean up, as code DEBUG
Creative category GENRE
Dairy product CREAM
Daring BOLD
Deep cut GASH
Devices in casinos ATMS
Dinner selection WINE
Draft selection PALEALE
Emissary AGENT
Everyday USUAL
Far beyond the norm OUTRE
Fish found in a 2003 film NEMO
Flambéed steak style DIANE
Global fashion monthly ELLE
Go slow AMBLE
GPS technology SATNAV
Green as grass NAIVE
Hang around BIDE
Have the lead STAR
Hero of Clive Cussler novels DIRK
Clues Answers
Irritating tingling ITCH
It has a JFK hub JETBLUE
Large South American city RIO
Low range BASS
Marquee time NITE
Military alphabet ender ZULU
Minimally multiplied DOUBLED
Name related to Juliana JILL
Nasal spray brand AFRIN
No longer crisp LIMP
Noticeable reduction DENT
Part of some hammers PEEN
Pass over lightly SLUR
Pastoral plain LEA
Personal opinion VIEW
Push for URGE
Put (down) LAID
Ready to act ALERT
Recent grad’s typical undertaking JOBHUNT
Result or rule preceder ASA
See 32 Across PLUGGEDIN
Sock material LISLE
Some seeded loaves RYES
Something said with a nod ISEE
Starchy side TATER
Start to lock ANTI
Stones smashed in Exodus TABLETS
Straddling ATOP
Straddling UPON
Symbols in written Japanese KANJI
Talk-down type SNOOT
The King’s middle name ARON
Turkey’s wattle DEWLAP
Type of question YESNO
Want to avoid doing DREAD
Wedding party USHER
Youngest of the Brontë sisters ANNE
__ IV (first Russian czar) IVAN

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