– Apr 7 2018

Clues Answers
#2 Mideast nation in area IRAN
”Bonnie” one of a Scottish song ANNIELAURIE
”Fiddler of Dooney” poet YEATS
”Liquide” or ”solide” ETAT
”The iconic taste in a smaller size” MACJR
”Thirst amidst __ of waves”: the ”Odyssey” ASEA
1950s campaign name ADLAI
31st state, familiarly CAL
Armani offering SCENT
Baby __ BLUE
Battle of the Alamo, notably LASTSTAND
Bit of courtesy GESTURE
Card games are played in it, for short MLB
Caulk container TUBE
Celebrant of Ethiopian Christmas RASTA
Certain presidential subordinates DEANS
Choosing an end GOALSETTING
Collateral instruments LIENS
Columns may be left in them RUINS
Compliment that some complain about KUDO
Fall heavily TEEM
Gerald Ford, circa 1940 ELI
Going on and on GASSY
Hebrew word for ”law” TORAH
How many people grow APART
Hunter-gatherer, e.g NOMAD
IMDb info ROLE
Kin of a faux château MCMANSION
Lifted STOLE
Longest-running current TV drama SVU
Manatee habitat EVERGLADE
Many apostrophes, essentially ARCS
Many future residents MEDSTUDENTS
Clues Answers
Melville mariner BUDD
Much-visited place TOURISTAREA
Name akin to Ilie ELIAS
Name of many an historic theater RIALTO
Nancy Reagan in ”The Butler” JANEFONDA
Nation that’s mostly the Sahara NIGER
Nautical ancestor of GPS LORAN
Opposite of ”cookie-cutter” MOTLEY
Party planner’s concern SEATING
Pending ONICE
Pharmaceutical delivery device VAPORIZER
Put back, as weights in a gym RERACK
Safari sight DEN
Segment of a sports program EVENT
Service agreement YESSIR
Shrinking superhero THEATOM
Stand-up standout RIOT
Sticker stat EPARATING
Striking splash ECLAT
Strong arm UZI
Strong-arm SHOVE
Team physician’s supply TAPE
Ten Commandments, to Christians OLDCOVENANT
Tent material TARP
Term replaced by ”baron” THANE
Their legs are covered quickly RACES
Treat with snappable fingers KITKATBAR
Voice-lesson topic TONE
Volvo introduction of 1994 SIDEAIRBAGS
What makes people sing higher? RISER
Where Grisham got his BS degree MSU
Where potatoes were first cultivated ANDES
With ice cream FROSTED
__ chart ORG

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