Crossword Puzzle Info – Apr 8 2018

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Clues Answers
”Dr.” of rap DRE
”Hamilton” creator __-Manuel Miranda LIN
) or (, for short PAREN
Actress/director Gerwig GRETA
Apprehend, so to speak NAIL
Aquatic lung GILL
Ask earnestly BEG
Blacken on the grill SEAR
Blue hue TEAL
Bothersome one PEST
Brunch selection BAGEL
Brunch selection EGGS
Carrier with King David Lounges ELAL
Cartier competitor ROLEX
Cause of shore erosion TIDE
Certain staircase shape SPIRAL
Chatty bird MYNA
Chaucer story TALE
Choral range ALTO
Cinema luminary MATINEEIDOL
Clearance sale stipulation ASIS
Colorant DYE
Combatants SIDES
Comparatively crafty SLYER
Contest submission ENTRY
Crosshatch design GRID
Daisy look-alike ASTER
Dawn to dusk DAY
Deep black INKY
Designated NAMED
Direct to a detour REROUTE
Divine messenger ANGEL
Dmitri’s denial NYET
Doze off SLEEP
Drilling luminary OILTYCOON
E-filing org IRS
Electrical measure AMP
Facebook photo labels TAGS
FBI or CIA operative USAGENT
First things to learn ABCS
Flapjack franchise IHOP
Flow out (from) EMANATE
Flowing locks MANES
French diarist NIN
Freud colleague ADLER
Genesis brother ABEL
Gives off EMITS
Golf great __ Norman GREG
Graceless RUDE
Gulf Coast city TAMPA
Gulf Coast city SARASOTA
HMO participants MDS
Ill temper IRE
In the distance FAR
Inn pool, e.g AMENITY
Iranian money RIAL
Irreligious PAGAN
Jogger’s top TSHIRT
Keep a low profile HIDE
Kidney-related RENAL
Kingly address SIRE
Korean buffer, for short DMZ
Lapel adornments PINS
Lead the cast of STARIN
Less decorated BARER
Levelheaded SANE
Lieutenant colonel’s insignia OAKLEAF
Long-legged wading bird STILT
Loses firmness SAGS
Love-seat complement TWO
Luau greetings ALOHAS
Lunch for livestock FEED
Clues Answers
Lyrical filler TRALALA
Mardi __ GRAS
Marner of fiction SILAS
Menagerie structures CAGES
Mexican painter KAHLO
Mock fanfare TADA
Moppet TOT
Mountain climber’s spike PITON
Moves around ROAMS
Musical or muscular TONED
National Humor Mo APR
NFL passers QBS
Not to exceed ATMOST
Notes around the office MEMOS
Off-white shade PEARL
Pack, as cargo STOW
Pageant luminary BEAUTYQUEEN
Painter Cassatt MARY
Parts of dovetail joints TENONS
PC alternative MAC
Percolated LEACHED
Performed brilliantly SHONE
Physicians’ devices PAGERS
Piece-of-cake course EASYA
Piqued moods SNITS
Poet’s preposition ERE
Power production luminary ENERGYCZAR
Prefix for virus ANTI
Presidential nickname ABE
Prince Harry’s aunt ANNE
Promotional connection TIEIN
Pub potable ALE
Purplish red MAGENTA
Purviews AREAS
Ranching luminary CATTLEBARON
Render void ANNUL
Rhythmical CADENT
Rock-music luminary GUITARGOD
Saxophonist’s accessory MUTE
Saxophonist’s accessory REED
Semester TERM
Shiny fabric SATINET
Shoppers’ carryalls TOTEBAGS
Slightest sound PEEP
Slip past ELUDE
Slugging luminary HOMERUNKING
Small-size M&M’s MINIS
Smallest of the Olympians EROS
Smartphone message TEXT
Stir up RILE
Storytelling dance HULA
Taking little time FAST
Talia of ”Rocky” movies SHIRE
Talk at length GAB
Tex-Mex dips SALSAS
Thin cable WIRE
Tough-to-hit tennis shot NETBALL
Transcript figs GPAS
Travel business RENTACAR
TV/publishing luminary MEDIAMOGUL
Type of to-do list AGENDA
Typical Riyadhi ARAB
Uniquely ALONE
Very much ALOT
Whistle blast TOOT
White-center snack OREO
Wimbledon delayer RAIN
Window treatment BLIND
Wise advisors SAGES
With no nervousness SERENELY
Wool source EWE
__ blanche CARTE
__ Clara County (Silicon Valley locale) SANTA