– Apr 8 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Affectively evasive COY
Argentine soccer superstar MESSI
Auto from Bavaria AUDI
Banjo cousin UKE
Become extra tenacious ((and SEE TITLE) DOUBLEDOWN
Blackbird cousins ORIOLES
Bouquet from a beau ROSES
Brief vogue FAD
Brunch serving CREPE
Buffalo’s water ERIE
Bus ticket no ETD
Caused to be apprehensive SPOOKED
Cell phone storage unit (and SEE TITLE) HARDDRIVE
Chili ingredient OREGANO
Circular current EDDY
Disloyal FALSE
DOJ agency FBI
Ending for originations ESE
Expedition, for example TRIP
FDR’s price control agency NRA
Fearsome supervisor OGRE
Fireside HEARTH
FL base for the Blue Angels NAS
Focal points LOCI
Foil alternative EPEE
Galaxy guardians JEDI
Given up FORGONE
Good to go SET
Highly emotional INTENSE
Honey bunch BEES
Inclined (to) APT
Insincere yuk HAR
Is a substitute for ACTSAS
Item in a take-out package SPOON
Karmann __ (bygone VW) GHIA
Leaves in some bags PEKOE
Less than enthusiastic TEPID
Major ESPN media partner NCAA
More than manageable EASY
Mosque toppers MINARETS
New Year’s Eve celebration (and SEE TITLE) FIRSTNIGHT
One of the weasels FERRET
Only veep born in DC ALGORE
Paris’ Rue __ Paix DELA
Piece of the action SHARE
Pitch HURL
Poetic preposition ERE
Police procedure ARREST
Princeton mascot TIGER
Printing press predecessor SCRIBE
Public procession PARADE
Repairer’s installation (and SEE TITLE) SPAREPART
Road sign abbr RTE
Round Table figures SIRS
Sang with great gusto BELTED
Saver of fable ANT
Seller of modular furniture IKEA
Show on the air TELEVISE
Skeptical comeback IBET
Something for nothing (and SEE TITLE) FREELUNCH
Soundlessness SILENCE
Speed gauge of a sort RADAR
Stick firmly ADHERE
Sugar sources CANES
Summer Games org IOC
Tiresome grind RUT
Urge to move PROD
Warning devices ALARMS
When Churchill was a POW BOERWAR
Where to keep your Hot Wheels CARCASE
Wipe lightly DAB
__ Aviv TEL

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