– Apr 9 2018

Clues Answers
”Do __ others . . .” UNTO
”One more thing . . .” ALSO
”Santa __” (ship of 1492) MARIA
Actor Alda ALAN
Annoy IRK
Army cops, for short MPS
Auction off SELL
Basketball or hockey SPORT
Beagle’s floppy features EARS
Bowler’s target PIN
Cafeteria food carriers TRAYS
Carryall bag TOTE
Coin in Mexico PESO
College students’ fields of study MAJORS
Computer owner USER
Corporate bigwig, for short EXEC
Decorate again REDO
Desert areas with water OASES
Diving-into-pool sound SPLASH
Drove fast SPED
Easy victory ROMP
Egyptian snakes ASPS
Emmy or Oscar AWARD
Energy, informally PEP
Fencing weapons SWORDS
Fishing-line spool REEL
For certain times of the year SEASONAL
Get to one’s feet RISE
Gorillas and chimps APES
Greek pocket breads PITAS
Guy writing press releases, for short PRMAN
High-school dance PROM
Highway off-ramp EXIT
Lesser of two __ EVILS
Much-admired celebrity IDOL
Negative responses NOES
Noisy earth-moving machine BULLDOZER
Noisy hovering aircraft HELICOPTER
Noisy pavement-breaking drill JACKHAMMER
Clues Answers
Noisy salon appliance BLOWDRYER
Not at all plentiful SPARSE
Not sleeping AWAKE
Nothing more than MERE
Offend the nose REEK
Onionlike soup vegetable LEEK
Packages of copier paper REAMS
Pen name ALIAS
Person who doesn’t move very fast SLOWPOKE
Pickling fluid BRINE
Place to wear a watch WRIST
Play guitar chords STRUM
Poems of praise ODES
Poker pot payment ANTE
Pretrial payment BAIL
Raisin __ (type of cereal) BRAN
Rushmore and Everest: Abbr MTS
Shopping binge SPREE
Short message NOTE
Slip by, as time ELAPSE
Small songbird WREN
Speed contest RACE
Stands in line WAITS
Suffix for luncheon ETTE
Take a risk DARE
Teacher’s request SEEME
They alter suits and coats TAILORS
Through thick and __ THIN
Top-billed performer STAR
Typical Saudi ARAB
Urban district ZONE
Uttered SAID
Visit faraway places TRAVEL
Walk through water SLOSH
Was glued (to) ADHERED
Went by car or cab RODE
Widespread craze MANIA
Writing tablets PADS
__ vera (skin cream ingredient) ALOE

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