– Apr 9 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”After __” (2005 ”Economist” article on the Fed) ALAN
”Blood hath been shed __ . . .”: ”Macbeth” ERENOW
1 1/2 millennia before ”Adaptation” DII
Arborist’s anathema ROT
Arthur Miller contemporary INGE
Bar __ SOAP
Bearing MIEN
Boundary, briefly LIM
Brass, but not bronze GALL
Brooklyn congressman who had a plan KEOGH
Catcher of what’s tossed WASTEBIN
Certain company men DANSEURS
Cleared out RAN
Court surface STENOPAD
Cut marks on INCISED
Don’t rush through LINGEROVER
Embedded firmly INSET
Entry in a genetic terms glossary MESSENGERRNA
Essential NEED
Flour material ”making its way to the mainland” TARO
Food fish of the far north ARCTICCHAR
Football club with a cannon in its logo ARSENAL
Game’s ”warm” NEAR
Go after WOO
Hand-held devices LANTERNS
Hard-to-imagine interval EON
Hawaiian sushi staple SPAM
Insincere behavior CHARADE
Isabel Allende title SENORA
Later, elongated ADIOSAMIGO
Low class of the past STEERAGE
Lure of little interest TEASERRATE
Meal morsel OAT
Morsel or cancel SCRAP
Music meant to amuse LIGHTOPERA
Name meaning ”born again” RENE
No moniker for an original Methodist WES
Nursery inventory LOAMS
Often-furry fan favorite TEAMMASCOT
Old-timey chair protector ANTIMACASSAR
One leaving TREE
One making daily deliveries CARRIER
One up RISER
One with a suit to press SWAIN
Pull in ARRIVE
Put in power ENTHRONE
Range sizes ACRES
Result of a 2006 network merger THECW
Reverent ADORING
Ruffle ROIL
Scission RENT
Since, for short EST
Some PD officers CPLS
Sources for skins TATERS
Striking skill KARATE
Tall Caucasians, for short MTS
They ”support . . . the public good,” per the UN Charter NGOS
They’re loud on cabaret stages BOAS
Trying traveling TREK
Understated-sounding shape-shifter LOKI
Well-manicured, in a way NEWMOWN
What grooms often groom MANES
What LAX serves SOCAL
Where the Cajuns came from ACADIA
Word from the Latin for ”lean” MEAGER
Yarn + stick MOP
__ game END

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