Crossword Puzzle Info – April 11 2019

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Clues Answers
”Beyond” prefix META
”Cool, daddy-o!” IDIG
”Fine with me” SURE
”Such a pity!” SOSAD
”That’s __ shame” AREAL
12, for Little Leaguers AGELIMIT
Agreeable PLEASANT
Aural reflection ECHO
Barely moves BUDGES
Brandy designation VSOP
Clipped wds ABBRS
Copernicus Monument city WARSAW
Covers, in topography OVERLIES
Dairy product MILK
Decorator’s purchase RUG
Draw out ELICIT
Early PC screen CRT
Einstein’s ”I” ICH
Escape from EVADE
Fasten with a rope LASH
Fellow or fissure CHAP
Female fowl HEN
Firmly attached FAST
Four-sided state COLORADO
Gadget whiz TECHIE
Gatsby-era style ARTDECO
GPS reading SSE
Gullible one NAIF
Hanks’ ”Gump” superior SINISE
Hollywood Boulevard high spot PALM
Inventive fellows IDEAMEN
Japanese Winter Olympics city NAGANO
Je ne __ quoi SAIS
Kendrick of films ANNA
Krishna worshiper HINDU
Land one’s plane SETDOWN
Letters on many toothpastes ADA
Logical flaw HOLE
Luau exchanges ALOHAS
Marine mop SWAB
Maritime law focus SEA
Media monitor FCC
Metaphor for losses REDINK
Minolta merger partner KONICA
Most humans ASIANS
Not saying much LACONIC
Of blood HEMAL
Organize, as attacks MOUNT
Part of some hammerheads CLAW
Partake at a gala DINE
Photo ID issuer DMV
Physically fit HALE
Pince-__ glasses NEZ
Regarding ASTO
Second year of the second century CII
Seller of circular stacks IHOP
Signals to start CUES
Something said with a shrug IDUNNO
Sounds from a pen OINKS
Spice from nutmeg MACE
Succeed in competition WIN
Swallowed ATE
Swiss painter KLEE
Telltale sign ODOR
Ten-yr. govt. IOUs TNOTES
Tiny troublemakers IMPS
Tossed, a side SALAD
Up-creek connector THE
Wheel spokes, for instance RADII
With no depth, for short TWOD
Wok veggie SNAPPEA