Crossword Puzzle Info – April 18 2019

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Clues Answers
”Little Miss Muffet” pronoun HER
”So that’s it” ISEE
Accessory for driving TEE
Aloha Tower locale OAHU
Any ”Porgy and Bess” solo ARIA
Arizona bloomer CACTUS
Back in the day ONCE
Be a meddler BUTTIN
Besides that ELSE
Boorish CRASS
Bought courses individually ORDEREDALACARTE
Color close to turquoise AQUA
Concrete REAL
Coronation ceremony path AISLE
Criticism RAP
Datebook spread WEEK
Decorated one HERO
Dict. label ADJ
Drain SAP
Duck cousin SWAN
Egyptian port SUEZ
Exotic pet IGUANA
Flustered state DITHER
Forklift’s burden SHIPPINGCRATE
Friend of Snow White SNEEZY
Gas used in lasers NEON
Go off course ERR
Gondola mover OAR
Hogwarts mail carriers OWLS
How many like their popcorn SALTY
Humorous COMIC
Kind of patch IRONON
Laid eyes on SPIED
Late October decorations WEBS
Leaving no clues behind WITHOUTATRACE
Legal order WRIT
Let it all out VENT
Lively SPRY
Longing ACHE
Lose sleep (over) FRET
Lost cause GONER
MIT marchers ROTC
Modest abodes HUTS
New Horizons launcher NASA
Of hives and honey APIAN
One, some, or all ANY
Out-and-out UTTER
Outfits EQUIPS
Piece of china TEACUP
Pierre, in Panama PEDRO
Preschooler TYKE
Printer’s primary color CYAN
Purple shade LILAC
QB’s successes TDS
QVC competitor HSN
Recent First Daughter SASHA
Recoils SHIES
Refrigerant gas FREON
Sailor’s back AFT
Sci-fi knight JEDI
Small peak HILL
Steamed IRATE
Suffix like -ity NESS
Tech whiz GEEK
Televising at present ONAIR
Termite hunter ANTEATER
Total accord UNISON
Trap by freezing ICEIN
Trombone sound WAHWAH
Trudge SLOG
Turnover, e.g PASTRY
UV-blocking no SPF
Volleyball venue GYM
Where to say ”Bon voyage!” DOCKSIDE
Writing surface DESK
WWII commander DDE
Yosemite herd ELK
YouTube uploads VIDEOS