Crossword Puzzle Info – April 2 2019

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Clues Answers
”All right already!” OKOK
”Right away!” PRONTO
”Unlikely, but true” BELIEVEITORNOT
”Wizard of Oz” villain WITCH
”You can count on me!” CONSIDERITDONE
Acclaim for a success KUDOS
Addition symbol PLUS
Approx. landing times ETAS
Ardent admirers FANS
Arrested, informally RANIN
Barely managed GOTBY
Be skeptical about DOUBT
Blunder FLUB
Book’s name TITLE
Building site LOT
Canyon sound ECHO
Cartoon sound of discomfort OOF
Certain NCO SGT
Change gears SHIFT
Change one’s mind THINKBETTEROFIT
Corn on the __ COB
Done in a rush HASTY
Establish, as a scholarship ENDOW
Explorer of kids’ TV DORA
FBI investigator AGT
Full of courage BRAVE
Functional USABLE
Granola ingredients OATS
Gumbo pod OKRA
Heart tests, briefly EKGS
Highest sudoku digit NINE
Hunters’ org NRA
Imagine, as a future event ENVISION
In a few hours LATER
In the lead AHEAD
Ink smudge BLOT
Inst. of higher learning UNIV
Intermittently ONANDOFF
Jack-in-the-box handle CRANK
Jewelry for a finger RING
Junior, to Dad SON
Knife’s edge BLADE
Line of seats ROW
Liquid coloring DYE
Long, thin fish EEL
Made mention of NOTED
Midday NOON
Mined fuel COAL
Money borrowed LOAN
Network with an eye logo CBS
Not fooled by ONTO
Not up to the job UNFIT
Observe SEE
Party hat shape CONE
Performed a role ACTED
Person on horseback RIDER
Pesto herb BASIL
Pond croaker FROG
Postal delivery MAIL
Potato, informally TATER
Prefix for virus ANTI
Salt water BRINE
Selection CHOICE
Shoestring LACE
Skip over OMIT
So-so grade CEE
Soft and smooth SILKY
Sound of a sneeze ACHOO
Stardom FAME
Support with a wager BETON
Top-rated AONE
Verbal cleverness WIT
VIP’s vehicle LIMO
Weight-loss plan DIET
Writer Hemingway ERNEST
__ and rave RANT
__ of measure (ounce or mile) UNIT