Crossword Puzzle Info – April 3 2019

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Clues Answers
”Nothing to it” EASY
”Right you __!” ARE
”Shores of” place in ”The Marines’ Hymn” TRIPOLI
”Tra” followers LALA
”__-hoo!” YOO
Airport screen posting: Abbr ETA
Angry display RAGE
Animal retreats LAIRS
Antiquated OLD
Ben Stiller’s mom MEARA
Bird food SEEDS
Bleak and desolate BARREN
Bread that’s browned TOAST
Bright thought IDEA
Butcher’s inventory MEAT
Cave sound ECHO
Cocktail garnish PEEL
Curved parts of feet ARCHES
Deceitful practice FRAUD
Dishes (out) METES
Dog biter FLEA
Early automaker OLDS
End of suggestion ANDEATAFEWOREOS
Explorer on Nickelodeon DORA
Extend credit LEND
Farm measure ACRE
First Soviet premier LENIN
Fortune-teller ORACLE
Fuel additive brand STP
Furry river mammal OTTER
Greater part BULK
High-school dance locale GYM
Hydrant attachment HOSE
In that case IFSO
Informal shirt KNIT
Inquire ASK
IRS form expert CPA
Is unsuccessful FLOPS
Jar topper LID
Leaks slowly SEEPSOUT
Less exciting TAMER
Make amends ATONE
Molecule part ATOM
National bird EAGLE
Needing neatening MESSY
Parisian assent OUI
Passing craze FAD
Pekoe and oolong TEAS
Persuade to volunteer ENLIST
Pizazz STYLE
Pizza order PIE
Poetic sphere ORB
Pond ducks TEALS
Rowboat propeller OAR
Satirical piece SKIT
Semester TERM
Shabby TATTY
Slot machine lever ARM
Source of syrup SAP
South Dakota’s capital PIERRE
Split __ soup PEA
St. Louis summer clock setting CDT
Strong yearning LUST
Suggestion when stressed at work, part 1 TAKEASHORTBREAK
Suggestion, part 2 TOCLEARYOURMIND
The Red Planet MARS
Tiny bite NIP
Vending machine eatery of yore AUTOMAT
Very, very long time EON
Was crabby GRIPED
Was in debt OWED
Western treaty grp OAS
What ovens provide HEAT
Where to see clouds SKY
Work station DESK
Wrapped up ENDED
__ butter (moisturizer) SHEA