Crossword Puzzle Info – April 30 2019

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Clues Answers
”I’ll take that wager” ITSABET
”Some other time” NOTNOW
”That’s the truth!” NOLIE
(Left) stranded HIGHANDDRY
A pair of TWO
A- or C+ GRADE
Airport waiting room LOUNGE
Auth. unknown ANON
Aviator PILOT
Band of outlaws GANG
Board member, briefly EXEC
Break sharply SNAP
Chest muscle, for short PEC
Chilled, as tea ICED
Chromosome part GENE
College officials DEANS
Count (on) RELY
Destroy RUIN
Exactly right SPOTON
Fights with HASAT
Garbage container CAN
Give temporarily LEND
Go-getter DYNAMO
Graceful birds SWANS
Greet silently NODAT
Hindu teacher SWAMI
Keep away from SHUN
Knights’ titles SIRS
Korea’s continent ASIA
Leaf-gathering tool RAKE
Lessen WANE
Metallic strand WIRE
Midday NOON
Military divisions UNITS
Move like a rabbit HOP
Muscle-bone connectors TENDONS
Musical postscript CODA
Nairobi resident KENYAN
Natural burn soother ALOE
Nevada city near 33 Across RENO
Nevada/California lake TAHOE
NFL and NBA channel ESPN
Noisy parrots MACAWS
Notion IDEA
Old enough OFAGE
Optimistic emotion HOPE
Orange rind PEEL
Perched upon ATOP
Perfectly timed ONCUE
Pressed, as pants IRONED
Robin Hood’s missile ARROW
Rubber glove material LATEX
Salesperson, for short REP
Scrapes by, with ”out” EKES
Seasoned vet OLDPRO
Service charges FEES
Sheds tears WEEPS
Short-lived craze FAD
Size up RATE
Small souvenir TOKEN
Start to melt THAW
Steak/lobster dinner SURFANDTURF
Storybook brute OGRE
Street or avenue ROAD
Sturdy SOLID
Sweet, as a farewell FOND
Swirling water EDDY
Tacks on ADDS
Tall and long-limbed RANGY
Tickled pink GLAD
Used a hammer NAILED
Vacant apartment sign TOLET
West Coast sch UCLA
Woodwind instrument OBOE
__ Bauer (clothing label) EDDIE
__ of honor (bridal attendant) MATRON