Crossword Puzzle Info – April 4 2019

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Clues Answers
”Game of Thrones” territories FIEFS
”I beat people up” boxer ALI
”I’ll take that as __” ANO
”I’m flying!” locale in ”Titanic” BOW
”Maltese Falcon” gumshoe SAM
”This means war!” ITSON
’60s ”Swell!” FAB
Artifice WILE
Bakery by-product AROMA
Barely open AJAR
Blue-blanket boy in papers LINUS
Bookstore amenities CAFES
Canary watcher CAT
Cause to kvetch ANNOY
Cheered (up) PERKED
Deplane up EJECT
Disney Snow Queen ELSA
Distributed DEALT
Exhausted, so to speak WIPED
Eyeglasses sidepiece TEMPLE
Fail to float SINK
Fish for breakfast LOX
Five Pillars belief ISLAM
Get too personal PRY
Gig for 8 Down OPERA
Green Gables girl ANNE
Green shade OLIVE
Hand-dyeing technique BATIK
Hardware + software SYSTEMS
High praise in print RAVE
HS ordeals PSATS
In the vicinity NEAR
Insider’s offering TIP
Lawn gadget EDGER
Like __ of bricks ATON
Line of work METIER
Local news time SIXPM
Manufacturing facility PLANT
Maritime records LOGS
Medieval weapon AXE
Minimal authenticity GRAINOFTRUTH
Minimal elegance TOUCHOFCLASS
One working at home UMP
Part of a Quixote costume LANCE
Part of some buoys BELL
Perfume fragrance source ESTER
Pooh and Roo, for two PALS
Prefix like poly- MULTI
Pretty good for a grade BPLUS
Pseudo-innocent query WHOME
Recent server of Grinch’s Green flapjacks IHOP
Refracting device PRISM
Resounded RANG
River through Lake Geneva RHONE
Shoptalk ARGOT
Short cut SNIP
Smart-alecky PERT
Some singers BASSES
Something to pick up PACE
Spellbound, perhaps HEXED
Spicy sausages SALAMIS
Steamed IRATE
Sticks in the water OARS
Stiletto, for one HEEL
Supposed place of worship AFAR
Terse concession IGIVE
Timeline portions ERAS
Tina’s ”30 Rock” boss ALEC
Toll road turnoffs RESTAREAS
Video gaming pioneer ATARI
Watches from the stands SPECTATES
What a knee-sock covers SHANK
Word on a mall map HERE
Wretched SORRY
Young dude LAD