Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 1 2018

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Clues Answers
”Barbed” fence topper WIRE
”__ what it’s worth . . .” FOR
26 Down set in Egypt AIDA
After-tax NET
Aroma ODOR
Back-in-style fashion RETRO
Beauty parlors SALONS
Brit’s exclamation ISAY
Brown-rice coating BRAN
Cannon blast SALVO
Car from Germany AUDI
Chatters GABS
Club fees DUES
Cluster of trees GROVE
Courtroom statement PLEA
Creative flash IDEA
Customary USUAL
David’s stone launcher SLING
Diva’s gig OPERA
Double-curves ESSES
Droops SAGS
Enroll in JOIN
Establish SETUP
Even once EVER
Extend, as a license RENEW
Fairy-tale meanie OGRE
Feeling annoyed SORE
Feeling offended HURT
Field of expertise AREA
Fight venue ARENA
Fit for a king REGAL
Flower of Holland TULIP
Foal’s mother MARE
Golf standard scores PARS
Has brunch EATS
Have top billing STAR
Heavy burden ONUS
High-decibel LOUD
Clues Answers
High-pitched barks YELPS
Hold dear VALUE
Jules of sci-fi VERNE
Land parcels TRACTS
Like takeout orders TOGO
Liquid-Plumr rival DRANO
Male in a 31 Across BOAR
Martini garnish OLIVE
Masseur’s workplace SPA
Meryl of Hollywood STREEP
Midnight and noon TIMES
Mystical glow AURA
Navigation device: Abbr GPS
Newspaper essay OPED
Nullify UNDO
Of sound waves SONIC
Online message EMAIL
Origami material PAPER
Ozs. and lbs WTS
Pen for porkers PIGSTY
Photographed SHOT
Presidential edict EXECUTIVEORDER
Shoo-__ (sure winners) INS
Snakelike fish EEL
Sound of a scissor SNIP
Subject of a Congressional debate LEGISLATIVEBILL
Supreme Court activity JUDICIALREVIEW
T. Rex, for one DINO
Takes potshots SNIPES
Throws in a hand FOLDS
Too curious NOSY
Top point APEX
Unclothed NUDE
Undersea vessels SUBS
Untidy person SLOB
Very seldom seen RARE
Villainous look LEER
Well-thought-out SMART
__ Alamos, NM LOS