– Aug 10 2018

Clues Answers
”No fighting” BENICE
20-vol. work OED
Always in the public domain [no repeated letters] UNCOPYRIGHTABLE
Anatomical enclosure SAC
Antonym of ”amity” RANCOR
Apple since ’98 MAC
Audio cell message, for short VMAIL
Board position SEAT
Calligrapher’s purchase QUILL
CD originator SANDL
Charlatan FAKER
Citadel student CADET
Columnist pal of cartoonist Bil ERMA
Compass reading NNE
Contract before a union PRENUP
Donator of Lennon’s childhood home ONO
Dusk-dawn connector TIL
Engage in __ of wills ATEST
Era, often DECADE
Fair-bound boy of rhyme SIMON
Film noir stock character TEC
Floral parts SEPALS
Follow ENSUE
Forest’s Oscar role IDI
Former late-night monologist LENO
Four-legged guard DOBERMAN
Frat letter TAU
Frequent court statement IDO
Gives as a source CITES
Good, in golf SUBPAR
Gray matter CEREBRA
High degree NTH
Hit the keys TYPE
Hunting partner of Artemis ORION
Clues Answers
Impish [no repeated letters] TROUBLEMAKING
Indian physicist on ”The Big Bang Theory” RAJ
Iowa city AMES
Jamal, the movie millionaire SLUMDOG
Just gets by NIPS
Made a hole-in-one, typically EAGLED
Mid-16th century date MDL
Military stations POSTS
News site with a former USSR section PRAVDA
Nonwinner ALSORAN
Old-school encouragement RAH
Ottoman, e.g LEGREST
Peppy SPRY
Plum cousin APRICOT
Preparing potatoes, perhaps RICING
Raw research DATA
Really relished ATEUP
Refinery refuse SLAG
Resignation affirmation IQUIT
Scandinavian form of Lawrence LARS
Scottish port DUNDEE
Singer from Donegal ENYA
Sounded like bagpipes DRONED
Speechless ATALOSS
Spring, from the Icelandic GEYSER
Start of Grafton’s eighth Millhone title HIS
Study of fingerprints [no repeated letters] DERMATOGLYPHICS
Telephonic trio DEF
Tickle ELATE
Tonic water ingredient QUININE
Treadmill setting JOG
Trees with beans CACAOS
Vice Admiral in ”The Last Jedi” DERN
Villainous De Niro role CAPONE
Work on your lines REHEARSE
__ ”asinus” (the donkey) EQUUS

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