Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 10 2021 Crossword Answer

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Clues Answers
”How much __ much?” ISTOO
”Not likely!” IBET
”This means __!” YOU
Achy or angry SORE
All gone, as dinner EATEN
Alluring SEXY
Become established SETIN
Boxer’s weapons FISTS
Cashews and almonds NUTS
Cast a ballot VOTE
Cheese with holes SWISS
Comics punch sound POW
Computer fodder DATA
Cubes in a cocktail ICE
Deer’s large relative ELK
Discard, as trash TOSSAWAY
Double-curve letters ESSES
Draws to a close ENDS
Earl Grey and oolong TEAS
Federal air quality org EPA
Fire remnants ASHES
Folding bed COT
Full of current info NEWSY
Funny-bone joint ELBOW
Girder metal STEEL
Govt. issued ID SSN
Graceful waterbird SWAN
Hair salon coloring DYE
Hand-arm connection WRIST
High school support grp PTA
High standards IDEALS
Horse farm dads SIRES
Hunt illegally POACH
Invitation letters RSVP
Japan’s continent ASIA
Jump heavily (on) STOMP
Lamb’s mom EWE
Land amidst water ISLE
Level-headed SANE
Magazine edition ISSUE
Moisten thoroughly SOAK
Moral code ETHIC
Natives of St. Louis and Jefferson City MISSOURIANS
Nickname for St. Louis’ locale SHOWMESTATE
No longer fresh, as bread STALE
Numbered hwy RTE
Ocean’s rises and falls TIDES
Opens with a letter opener SLITS
Pin the blame on FAULT
Play hockey SKATE
Possesses HAS
Prayer’s conclusion AMEN
President in 2015 OBAMA
Pro hoops league: Abbr NBA
Pulverize, as potatoes MASH
Quick-typed cellphone message TEXT
Reduce one’s speed SLOW
Relaxes, as regulations EASES
Repeated slogan CHANT
Sailboat pole MAST
Sailing on a cruise ship ATSEA
Sci-fi aliens: Abbr ETS
Send forth EMIT
Showroom vehicle AUTO
Sister’s boy NEPHEW
Small keepsake TOKEN
Source of solar energy SUN
Spanish goodbye ADIOS
Store’s discount event SALE
Sturdy as __ (tree simile) ANOAK
Sunday church service MASS
Thailand’s former name SIAM
Therefore HENCE
Thought, but not said UNSPOKEN
Turn __ (become) INTO
Two-year-old TOT
__ ago today (when 56 Across joined the Union, 8/10/1821) TWOHUNDREDYEARS
__ of measure (yard or pound) UNIT