Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 11 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”I’ll be glad to” YES
Admiral’s fighting force NAVY
Any fizzy soft drink SODA
Appliance to watch the BBC on TELLY
Attired in high fashion SMARTLYDRESSED
Awkward person OAF
Birds that honk GEESE
Brief movie role CAMEO
Candlelike in feel WAXY
Class test EXAM
Cleaning cloth RAG
Cleveland’s lake ERIE
Discontinued ENDED
Dog’s foot PAW
Don’t throw out SAVE
Dryer fluff LINT
Elaborate deception HOAX
Eve’s husband ADAM
Facing the pitcher ATBAT
Fathers, familiarly DADS
Female opera star DIVA
Fine silver STERLING
Fools’ Day month APRIL
Fragrant fir tree BALSAM
Gave a shout YELLED
Gave temporarily LENT
Get the __ of the land LAY
GI Joe’s group USARMY
Glass in a pair of glasses LENS
Halifax, __ Scotia NOVA
Having eye-catching hues BRIGHTLYCOLORED
Healthful resort SPA
Highway off-ramp EXIT
In an unfriendly way ICILY
In the thick of AMID
Including everything INALL
Informal refusal NOPE
Innovative ORIGINAL
Inquire ASK
Join the cast of, as a play ACTIN
Light brown TAN
Like two peas in a __ POD
Lubricated OILED
Make a left or right TURN
Manner of talking or writing STYLE
Meat-and-vegetable meals STEWS
Mimicked APED
Misplaces LOSES
New Haven university YALE
Numbered hwy RTE
On an __ keel EVEN
Outlined very clearly SHARPLYDEFINED
Overactive, informally HYPER
Pigsty PEN
Preschooler’s wheels TRIKE
Prescriptions, for short MEDS
Public persona IMAGE
Put a hex on CURSE
Recipe meas TSP
Sales pitch SPIEL
Seal up again with cellophane RETAPE
Sketched DREW
Sly glance LEER
Soak up knowledge LEARN
Stand up RISE
Start a hole of golf TEEUP
Takes out a lease on RENTS
The Caribbean, for instance SEA
Took a chair SAT
Unsatisfactory POOR
Untidy spot MESS
Vacant, as an apartment UNLET
Very high mark APLUS
Vicinity AREA
Wagers BETS
Walks back and forth PACES
Wall-climbing plants IVIES
__ bar (serve drinks) TEND