Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 11 2021 Crossword Answer

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Clues Answers
”Beware the __ of March” IDES
A big fan of INTO
Apples and pears POMES
Apply, as influence EXERT
Aroma detector NOSE
Bar mitzvah dance HORA
Barbecue bit RIB
Be entitled to EARN
Before now AGO
Beginning stage ONSET
Betrayed by squealing TOLDON
Big family CLAN
Butcher scale button TARE
Camera component LENS
Carton sealer TAPE
Chills with cubes ICES
Come out of hiding EMERGE
Curator’s concern ART
Current’s direction DOWNSTREAM
Disney mermaid ARIEL
Diva’s tune ARIA
Does a prospector’s work DIGSFORGOLD
Don’t stop at PASS
Dwarf planet beyond Neptune PLUTO
Eden woman EVE
Electrified fish EEL
Enormous HUGE
Former home-furnace fuel COAL
French home to Interpol LYON
Fruit from a palm tree DATE
Game-show host EMCEE
Gorilla, for example APE
Got mellower AGED
Hopelessness DESPAIR
Impolitely abrupt CURT
Infection-protection gear: Abbr PPE
Insect in a colony ANT
Install on a wall HANG
IRA, for example NESTEGGFUND
Lake beside Ohio ERIE
Lancelot or Galahad SIR
Land parcel LOT
Leave in a hurry RUN
London fellow CHAP
Luggage attachment TAG
Lyft’s ridesharing rival UBER
Madame Curie MARIE
Make __ scarce (hide) ONESELF
Mini-__ (convenience store) MART
Mushroom morsel STEM
Nonprofit’s URL ender ORG
Not yet repaid OWED
Off course AWRY
Online birthday greeting ECARD
Oscar film directed by Affleck ARGO
Overdo it, listing one’s qualifications PADARESUME
Piggy bank deposit COIN
Places for beards CHINS
Places to graze PASTURES
Restaurant serving MEAL
Ripped out TORE
Script memorizer ACTOR
Smoked salmon LOX
Snow-clearing vehicle PLOW
Soda-bottle size LITER
Superficial appearance FACADE
Teddy’s Rushmore neighbor ABE
Tell false tales LIE
Throw with force FLING
Timetable stats ETAS
Toy brick brand LEGO
Treasure holders CHESTS
Turn into a jack-o’-lantern CARVE
Type of skillet CREPEPAN
Weed-chopping tools HOES
Wintry coating FROST
Written aids for test cheaters CRIBSHEETS