Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 12 2021 Crossword Answer

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Clues Answers
”All right!” YES
”Price Is Right” host DREWCAREY
”SNL” Biden portrayer JIMCARREY
”Vino” center ASTI
”Winds of War” writer WOUK
”Yuck!” EWW
”Zip-__-Doo-Dah” ADEE
3-D exam MRI
Affecting attitudes unfairly prejudicing
Air freshener scent LILAC
Auction caution ASIS
Buffoon OAF
Capital before Des Moines IOWACITY
Casual farewell CIAO
Casual welcome HIYA
Certain shooter, for short SLR
Clark Gable, in ”The Hucksters” ADMAN
Collegian’s selection MAJOR
Conquistador macedonio ALEJANDRO
Cruise ship amenity SPA
Do some squirming WRITHE
Duly receive EARN
Eke out a living GETBY
Essayist/novelist/playwright Susan SONTAG
Ethnic Hungarian MAGYAR
EU charter member GER
Extend outward JUT
Family nickname MAMA
First-class ACE
Following ALA
Ford make, on registrations LINC
Forest Service agency USDA
Former ”Idol” judge’s nickname JLO
Fortune 100 insurer AETNA
Founder of ”Fortune” LUCE
Fourth ”Idol” winner CARRIEUNDERWOOD
Foxx Oscar film RAY
Frequent opponent of Laver ASHE
Guest house INN
Guru’s chants OMS
Hatchet-handling crusader CARRYNATION
High in the sky ALOFT
Infiniti alternative ACURA
It could be a plot ACRE
It has an LAX hub UAL
Jelly Belly fruity flavor ANJOU
Joe Montana’s school NOTREDAME
Keyboarding stat WPM
Lake former DAM
Language of a former Russian republic TAJIK
Letters on gold keys PHIS
Loser’s lament ITSNOTMYDAY
Mentioned briefly TOUCHEDON
Needing deflating SMUG
Note written without consonants IOU
Nothing at all NIL
Organic sealant TAR
Outlandishly TOO
Papaya products SEEDS
Piece of a cord LOG
Rebus puzzle conjunction OAR
School system CEO SUPT
Scoreboard headers RHE
Sketcher’s purchase PAD
Slick stuff OIL
Snatch away ABDUCT
Sob syllable HOO
Societal structure: Abbr SYST
Spanish Olympian’s quest ELORO
Sun, to Shelley ORB
Sweet and cuddly CUTE
Tie-wearing toon since the ’50s YOGIBEAR
Ultimate result NET
Weather Service stat THI
What Caesar called Troy ILIUM
Word before pocket or pillow AIR
__-ops (CIA activities) PSY