Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 13 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”At your convenience” NORUSH
”Bus Stop” playwright INGE
”Get started” DOIT
”In your dreams!” ASIF
”Park it” SIT
”What __ this time?” ISIT
Admit wrongdoing, with ”up” FESS
Beethoven’s Third EROICA
Black __ cattle ANGUS
Brigadier’s symbol STAR
Broadcast award EMMY
Bumbler OAF
Burger topper ONIONSLICE
Bustling with sound NOISY
California roll option ROE
Clear liquor VODKA
Color of lions TAWNY
Completes, as a cake ICES
Connect with a knot TIETOGETHER
Counter call TOGO
Cpl. or sgt NCO
Craft store inventory YARN
Crumbles from neglect DECAYS
Digs for a dove COTE
Emulate Sherlock, as from clues DRAWACONCLUSION
Finds a job for PLACES
Fruit in chutney MANGOES
Half of an embrace ARM
Have nothing more to do with WASHONESHANDSOF
Heckler’s comment BOO
How some like their sauces SPICY
Ike’s two-time opponent ADLAI
In partial payment of TOWARDS
Inc. cousin LTD
Inclined to skip sweets ONADIET
Legume staple of Mideast cuisine LENTIL
Macroeconomic stat GNP
Maine national park ACADIA
Mary Lincoln, née __ TODD
Medicare ID, formerly SSN
Minutes taken up TIME
OPEC measure BBL
Out-of-joint injury DISLOCATION
Part of a pump price GASTAX
Perceived to be SAWAS
Poi plant TARO
Puma alternative REEBOK
Qatar’s capital DOHA
Quick to share feelings OPEN
Ristorante bottle VINO
Run into hard RAM
Russian villa DACHA
Sci-fi weapon RAY
Sea hunter ORCA
Shade source DYE
Shells out EXPENDS
Slip into DON
Smokey Bear ad, e.g PSA
Solo sung in costume ARIA
Sort of soreness ACHE
Stand in good __ STEAD
Steakhouse shunner VEGAN
Streaming service that sounds spiritual VUDU
Thermometer, essentially GAUGE
Thorny plant BRIAR
Top-left PC command ESC
Underwater surface SEABED
Unseen protector SPIRITGUIDE
W-2 recipient IRS
Watchful ALERT
What some inns won’t abide PETS
WiFi patron USER
With keen insight WISE
Writing remover ERASER
Year-round vacation city RIO