Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 13 2021 Crossword Answer

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Clues Answers
”America the Beautiful” pronoun HIS
”Everything in life is __”: Duchamp ART
”Venerable” sainted historian BEDE
A question of technique HOW
Apartment, informally PAD
As decided by PER
Beginning with ASOF
Big boss CEO
Carol geese complement SIX
Cathedral nooks APSES
Certain Prada purchases STYLISHSHOES
Chopped down AXED
Common service station selection OIL
Common service station selection DEBIT
DC advocate’s monogram TAE
Dealer’s disclaimer ASIS
Diamond rarity NOHITTER
Doesn’t take off STAYS
Ending like -let ETTE
Erstwhile Michigan marque OLDS
Excite, with ”up” AMP
Faithful’s pledge TITHE
Fancy glass FLUTE
Fee for all ANTE
Figure of speech IDIOM
Focus of a San Diego-area theme park LEGOS
Foremost HEAD
Former fraction of a pound ENGLISHSHILLING
Former telephone trio WXY
Heavy duty ONUS
Islander’s traditional snack IRISHSHORTBREAD
It sprouts in a garden SEED
Just behind ATHEEL
Kids’ bath time products FISHSHAMPOOS
Less seen RARER
Light rings HALOS
Look down (on) FROWN
Mass confusion CHAOS
Meal starter OAT
Metric celebrator ODIST
Miscellaneous MIXED
Mischief maker SPRITE
Mixes up ADDLES
Moves slowly AMBLES
NL Central team STL
No longer accessible CLOSED
Notwithstanding DESPITE
Offer of kitchen assistance ILLDRY
Often-yellow reminder STICKIE
One of many daily deliveries GIRL
Origin of many ’50s TV shows RADIO
Painter of weird watches DALI
Peace Nobelist Wiesel ELIE
Polishing candidate TOE
Raccoon cousin COATI
Rainbow flag initialism LGBT
Rotary flow EDDY
Shop talk LINGO
Slight hint TINGE
Snack bag closer CLIP
Something MacDonald heard MOO
Spanish-speaking spouse portrayed by Salma FRIDA
Striped stone AGATE
Take in with pleasure SAVOR
Tangible separation TEAR
The E in the NYSE’s EL ESTEE
Thin streak WISP
Took in ATE
Triple-time dance BOLERO
Tuberous appetizer SKINS
Two or more naval squadrons FLOTILLA
Unlikely counterfeiting candidates ONES
Wade noisily SLOSH
What Caesar cast about? DIE
What film fans burn DVDS
With luxe POSHLY