Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 14 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”Awesome!” EPIC
”Dilbert” engineer TED
”Sunday Morning” airer CBS
”__ con Dios” VAYA
”__ given anything to be there” IDVE
72 Across communication MEMO
Apologetic utterance OOPS
Armor helmet eyehole SLIT
Assns., for instance ORGS
Astaire-era studio RKO
Baseball great Campanella ROY
Beneficial bestowal BOON
Brightly colored houseplant AFRICANVIOLET
Buffalo cousin YAK
Chide harshly SLAM
Common cattle forage crop CRIMSONCLOVER
Composer Tchaikovsky PYOTR
Corkscrew shape HELIX
Do the hula GYRATE
Doctor Zhivago YURI
Dude with an impeccable rep MRCLEAN
Exasperate IRK
Firm designation INC
Firm higher-up EXEC
Former NASCAR network TBS
Give props to LAUD
Go after SEEK
Hacker’s implements AXES
Hill rides SLEDS
Isle southwest of Florence ELBA
Keep watch (on) SPY
Land on the Black Sea UKRAINE
Language of Pakistan URDU
Lego competitor KNEX
Likewise TOO
List for a BMW MSRP
Livens (up) AMPS, REVS
Lyrical filler TRALALA
Mango’s allergenic relative POISONIVY
Maritime Broadcasting headquarters HALIFAX
Marvel mischief maker LOKI
Military support group USO
Miscellaneous category OTHER
Much of some fake cheesecakes TOFU
Multi-hour legal hurdle BAREXAM
Not yet settled OPEN
Novelist Patchett ANN
One close to you PAL
Pastoral plaint BAA
PC server giant NEC
Plymouth colonist, e.g PURITAN
Prepare to decant UNCORK
Ridden hard TAXED
Santa __ winds ANA
Savor slightly, perhaps SIP
Scooted SPED
Second, as sentiments ECHO
Sign of success VEE
Slip sideways SKID
Something plucked in fall U-PICK farms PUMPKINVINE
Sort of filleted fish LOX
Source of arboreal edibles ORANGEGROVE
Streamable, say ONTV
They have springs with minerals SPAS
Three-quarters of one thousand OOO
Throw overboard DEEPSIX
Tiresome pattern RUT
Transport for Dorothy CYCLONE
Under water? STYX
Undisputed TRUE
Vivid crayon category NEON
Voiceprints, for HSBC IDS
What might surround 22 Across RYE
What no Little Leaguer can be TEEN
Whiny kids EMOS
Whoop CRY
Word processor selection FONT