– Aug 14 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
”Sharp” starter OXY
’70s kids’ educational animated-short series SCHOOLHOUSEROCK
About 591 drops OUNCE
Animal lab equipment MAZES
App you can’t download FRIEDMOZZARELLA
At present + before SOFAR
Becomes a thing of the past LAPSES
Bit of neurology AXON
Capital of Normandy ROUEN
Climbs, as a 15 Across SHINS
Common grade-school homework BOOKREPORT
Common quarterback instruction ONTWO
Create, as a space with fencing RAILOFF
Draws from TAPS
Drop-box legend USMAIL
Early TV brand RCA
Editor’s order REDO
Feathery galloper EMU
Finding something funny AMUSED
Flower bud’s protector SEPAL
Freeman, at the end of ”Shawshank” EXCON
Go with the wind WAFT
Grass variety RYE
Halogen suffix IDE
High grade at high tea PEKOE
It’s far from a yacht TUB
It’s near the LBJ Library SMU
Kabuki center of yore EDO
Lanolin source EWES
Liechtenstein topography ALPS
Major leaguers’ road-game per diem FOODALLOWANCE
Makes greater UPS
Manicure outdoors MOW
Medicare coverage for outpatient care PARTB
Most often, in the OED ESP
Name forever linked to Harrison HAN
Negative suffix LESS
Not to be repeated ONCE
Oscar actor from Wellington CROWE
Part of a Yoda rebuke DONOT
Peace Prize and Grammy winner GORE
Play money ANTE
Playground participants TYKES
Punny lyric before ”It’s off to work I go” IOWE
Pursuit requiring subjects ART
Put on a pedestal EXALT
Puts in stitches DARNS
Rainbow flag quartet LGBT
Reason for sockless sleeping HOTFEET
Rescue equipment ROPE
Respond to pressure, perhaps HURRY
Restrict access to, in a way ENCODE
Rounds around rounds PUBQUIZ
Savory Chicago specialty DEEPDISHPIE
Score fourth QUINTET
Scrubbed-off stuff CRUD
Something laid down BET
Something solid that sounds like it’s liquid FLOE
Southeast Asian ethnic group HMONG
Sweet handled in summer ICEPOP
Taunt for a hand READEMANDWEEP
Unlikely Employee of the Month LOAFER
Uranium ore, from the Latin for ”violet” IANTHINITE
Verb related to ”mayhem” MAIM
Want it so badly it hurts ACHE
What grass is made from SEED
What some projections and pitchers provide RELIEF
Wildflower named for its boll-like cluster COTTONSEDGE
Winner at blackjack ACETEN
__ mio (termine di affetto) AMORE

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