Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 15 2018

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Clues Answers
”Fresh as a” flower DAISY
”If that doesn’t work . . .” ELSE
”Let’s go!” CMON
”Moby-Dick” captain AHAB
”Oh, boy!” GOODY
”Original copy” or ”alone together” OXYMORON
”Say it __so!” AINT
Adjective for panels SOLAR
Antibloating brand GASX
Atlantic City board-game mascot MRMONOPOLY
Auntie of the theater MAME
Be educated LEARN
Besides ALSO
Big smile GRIN
Bowl over AMAZE
Burger King competitor WENDYS
Cannonballs, for example AMMO
Capital of Bolivia LAPAZ
Cat’s feet PAWS
Chaney of horror films LON
Charged atom ION
Cincinnati’s state OHIO
Cookie/brownie retailer MRSFIELDS
Cry of contentment AAH
Eric Clapton tune LAYLA
Figurative phrase IDIOM
Final authority SAYSO
Foot-care brand DRSCHOLLS
Full of grease OILY
Gas in store signs NEON
Goalpost connector CROSSBAR
Greek salad cheese FETA
Guy that prints newspapers PRESSMAN
Highest numbers in sudoku NINES
How the newest TV series are broadcast INHD
Idaho product POTATO
Improves, as wine AGES
Indiana Jones’ hat FEDORA
Clues Answers
Induce yawns from BORE
Informal farewell BYE
Is going to WILL
Lake beside Cleveland ERIE
Late-blooming flowers ASTERS
Made a judicial decision RULED
Made upset IRKED
Mistake ERROR
One of four for a grand slam HR RBI
Peculiar ODD
People from Warsaw POLES
Practical, as a plan VIABLE
Publication cofounded by Steinem MSMAGAZINE
Residence ABODE
Revealed another’s secret OUTED
Ricelike pasta ORZO
Rock fissures CREVICES
Rural hotels INNS
Scribble idly DOODLE
Seacrest or Gosling RYAN
Shoe bottom SOLE
Smooth, as a transition SEAMLESS
Speak at a drive-thru ORDER
Statuesque TALL
Syringe, familiarly HYPO
Television trophy EMMY
Three Little Pigs adversary WOLF
Time off, for short RANDR
Traveled by bus or burro RODE
Triple-decker treat OREO
Truth twister LIAR
Uncluttered NEAT
Unpretentious, as humor HOMESPUN
Valid reasoning LOGIC
Varieties KINDS
What filets don’t have BONES
Where land meets ocean SHORE
__ Major (Big Dipper’s locale) URSA